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Marketing Support Services for Small Business

We help small business owners expand their own business by exposing them globally, providing them with the right tools they need to run their business efficiently and promote their business and services online to maximize their earning potential.

Target Marketing

Target Marketing has the capability to promote you to a suitable and filtered target market by providing you with accurate leads that are accessible to you. Your future clients are just a phone call deal away.

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We make this all possible by delivering a content-rich and optimized brochure with personalized touch to give any potential client the best possible information that they need and a way to contact our Business Owners.

Along with this service comes an exciting part where Business Owners can potentially increase their sales revenue by being involved with continuous events or shows where they can take their local exposure to a whole new level.

Gateway Marketing

Gateway Marketing will empower you to tap into the world's top online market platforms that millions of people have access to -- have your products or services properly listed, optimized, and searchable.

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The inquiries or leads generated from these online marketplaces can be converted into sales, thanks to's marketing support team that gives the business owners a better chance of getting a sale.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Book-Keeping and Accounting

Tax incentives/deduction is one of the important things considered when putting up your own business, so claiming your tax refund at the end of each financial year will be another way of enjoying if not expanding your own business.

Read more provides book-keeping and accounting services for every business owners that wish to have their books taken care of. We work to find creative ways to ensure that these complicated book-keeping or accounting tasks will be a walk-in-the-park for you. We've developed iOS and Android mobile apps for our service providers that enable them to easily record their work hours and manage their expenses as well, making the process a whole lot easier, thus leaving them with more time to focus on their work. continuously optimises work and develops efficient solutions to known issues in maintaining a business to prevent people from failing their own small business.

Website Development

Website Development supports small business owners to maximize their online presence starting with their very own website that they can use to promote their business.

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A matching business email is also included with the website development package. The website package will feature their contact details, upcoming events, and the kind of products they sell or services they provide. Lastly, interested clients can send them enquiries through the contact form of their own website.

Adjustments are being conducted periodically to suit the user requirements and to keep up with the current trends. By having a fully responsive, mobile-first design, your website will always be accessible anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.

Trainings and Seminars

Trainings and Seminars values small business owners by training them to become successful as they pursue the journey of being their own boss.

Read more empowers business owners to be competitive by providing them with valuable trainings and seminars to boost their confidence and to face every challenge ahead. will make sure that small business owners will not only become successful but also financially well-off. Sure tough times are ahead of us but is here and ready, to eagerly motivate small business owners even further to reach their goals as they pursue this journey.