Baelfire unintentionally meets up with Emma in the woods while he is searching for Rumplestiltskin, and it is revealed that Bae and Rumplestiltskin are magically connected so that Bae is alive. One side of the postcard reads, "Broken", and the other is a photo of the Storybrooke Clock Tower with the phrase "Greetings from Storybrooke", which was sent to him by August. In the morning, Wendy is brought back by the Shadow. Before they can finish this conversation, Cora breaks through the barrier, and transports Neal and Emma out into the middle of the forest to get them out of the way so she can confront with Mr. Gold. Human They put the house on lockdown that night but the shadow gets inside with ease. He lands in the Enchanted Forest by the shoreline of the beach. Bae, who knew of the deal that Pan offered Rumple, is infuriated. The three parents' combined attempt to persuade the boy not to, but wanting to be a hero, Henry puts his heart in Pan, sending a shock of magic through the land. Emma gets worried, with another outsider in town, and tells Neal that he should tell Tamara his true identity. She explains to Neal the reason for her change of jogging spots from the woods to the beach; an answer that satisfies him but does not keep Emma's guard from lowering. His younger self is portrayed by Dylan Schmid, Dean Petriw, Sebastian Wilkinson and Brandon Spink. Both series: Jafar's Snake Staff • Enchanted Hearts • Jafar's Lamp, Original Songs: "Powerful Magic" • The Queen Sings • Love Doesn't Stand a Chance • Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine • Wicked Always Wins • Charmings vs. He explains to Robin Hood that if Emma is in Neverland, then Henry was kidnapped by the evil Peter Pan. Manchester City's Aguero grabs referee in win. Neal restrains Gold, letting Whale free, and accuses him of being so non-redemptive since he found him, stating that he's only still in town for Henry. Status He is in olden-day London, where he meets Wendy Darling. All of them run into the cubby-hole to hide, but Michael gets left behind and is within reach of the Shadow's grasp. The two of them then make their way to Pan's compound where Rumple uses a sleeping spell to knock out the Lost Boys, and Henry, but Pan remains conscious. When Neal sees Henry, he realizes that this is his son when the kid states he's eleven. Baelfire takes his father into the woods and uses the magic bean, which creates a green, glowing portal. Bae commands his papa to kill the fiend before he ruins their lives. Emma takes this option but Neal decides to go back anyway after remembering what his father does those who break deals with him. To live in a world without any magic (succeeded)To escape Neverland (succeeded)To rescue his son (succeeded)To revive his father (succeeded)To sacrifice his life to ensure Zelena's defeat (succeeded) They soon return to Tinker Bell, who is surprised yet happy to see Baelfire, and the group continues to plan their rescue of Henry, now having an escape plan. However, he feels so guilty that he later switches them back, but not to his new wife's knowledge.