Crea tu propio sitio web único con plantillas personalizables. blogs, forums, or chats) so that they can better inform themselves about their and other practices. Reflective Teaching and Its Impact on Foreign Language Teaching. Thus, it is better if teachers consider more about the advantages rather than the disadvantages. Nevertheless, the process of reflection is not easy. Hence, a classroom arrangement that promotes an horizontal relationship between pupils and the teacher it is the circle or semicircle organization. Therefore, being a reflective teacher can give many advantages both for the teacher and the students. Thus, at the beginning, even though they only had to learn six words, many youngsters had a lot of difficulties accommodating the vocabulary. Promoting Reflective Teaching through Peer Coaching to Improve Teaching Skills. Bailey (2012) suggests some advantages and disadvantages of practicing reflective teaching. Instead of systematically learning grammatical structures or vocabulary, they were preparing a lapbook with games and activities that they would show to their families as cat experts. For instance, the project that I designed was about cats, which is the animal that the second graders chose to represent their classroom. One of them is a research by Akbari et al. Thus, I had to adapt the lessons and the materials that I had prepared in short time. Reasons to Write a Reflective Journal., Babaei, Mehdi & Abednia, Arman. Thus, the use of visual support or strategies that foster the students language usage is key for constructing a cozy environment. Second, teachers can discover uncomfortable information about their own work when they practice reflective teaching. All in all, in this practicum I have learnt a lot from the seminars as I learnt a lot of resources to use in the classroom. Practical knowledge: teacher’s knowledge on classroom techniques and strategies. Additionally, Richards (2002) mentions the usefulness of reviewing teachers’ performance regularly from another point of view: to reward teachers for good performance, to help identity needs for further training, to reinforce the need for continuous staff development, to help improve teaching, to provide basis for contract renewal and promotion, and to demonstrate an interest in teachers’ performance and development. ), English Language Teaching Today: Linkin Theory and Practice (pp. d. Pedagogical knowledge: teacher’s ability to restructure, plan, adapt, and improvise content knowledge. The story is about the two teachers who were assigned to teach at the same rural school (a remote floating school without electricity and phone signal), but different time. My school mentor told me that I should reduce the load of activities and content and prioritize the implementation of the most relevant ones. (2015). Specialized literature of recent years indicates the reflective diary as an effective tool for teachers’ professional training. How to Teach English. (2007b). (2012). Here is an example of the video recording of classroom activities. For instance, in making teacher’s journal, a teacher should spend more time in their work hour to make it as it has to be done regularly; and in doing peer observation, teachers should find the appropriate time for them. A research by Bababei & Abednia (2016) found that there was a positive relationship between some components of teachers’ self-efficacy and reflective teaching, especially metacognitive reflection suggests incorporating a focus on (metacognitive) reflection into second language teacher education and professional development helps improve teachers’ pedagogical competencies and efficacy beliefs. They found that the teachers’ reflection was at the medium level. Then, a teacher may think and try to find what might be wrong and find the solution about the problem he/ she face in the classroom by observing his/ her classroom, asking his/ her colleagues, or getting students’ feedback directly. ), The Cambridge Guide to Pedagogy and Practice in Second Language Teaching, (pp. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Hence, the present study is going to investigate the correlation between teachers’ reflective skills and their success in teaching practice in their classroom. Furthermore, Suherdi (2013) mentions that one of some ways to develop pedagogical competence to be a professional teacher is by having reflective skill. It is important for professional teachers to try to evaluate how successful an activity in terms of student engagement and learning outcomes (Harmer, 2007b). Thereby, from now on I will plan my sessions keeping in mind the possible unexpected situations that can occur in the classroom. Consequently, reflective practice requires a commitment, a commitment towards change, towards understanding, and most importantly, a commitment towards continuous self-development. Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences 93, 1398–1403. At first, I thought that it was excessive, as she devoted many sessions to learn vocabulary related to fruits, which I consider it is really simple for first graders. On the other hand, when I effectuated my teaching unit, I could discern that many learners did not have enough time to assimilate the terms due to the short time spent reviewing the content and the amount of new vocabulary that was introduced along the sessions. Process and Tools of Reflective Teaching. & Wongwanich S. (2014). Besides, when I started implementing the teaching unit, I could observe that with the first class group it was a bit chaotic, as I had to rush during all the session in order to accomplish the development of all the activities. (1998). The reflective diary helps organise the activity of guided analysis of pedagogical practice experiences aimed at: identifying students’ own needs, interests, training motivation, the degree of mastery of past acquisitions, shaping an accurate image on their effectiveness in practical teaching situations. The video below gives more explanation about observation. On the other hand, during this practicum, I have learnt how to properly design a teaching unit based on project-based learning (PBL). Meanwhile, there are also disadvantages of practicing reflective teaching according to Bailey (2012). A reflective journal also provides a better understanding of your thought process. The Teacher’s Diary is a Thai romantic, comedy and drama movie. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Validating an English Language Teaching Reflection Inventory in a Chinese EFL Context. By writing a reflective diary, you can find the source of your inspiration that defines you today. Maintain a teaching diary: this is a daily record of your professional experiences, particularly focussing on the events in the classroom. In my case, I included individual work on my teaching unit as I wanted each of my students to have a lapbook for themselves. They could benefit from the others’ ideas and they could share their thoughts and discuss among them using language. China: Pearson Education Limited. Buku Pedoman Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan Profesi Guru Bahasa Inggris: Buku Ajar Pemantapan Kompetensi Akademik. As we know that reflective teaching has more advantages than the disadvantages. 3. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. (2016). Teachers who have heavy workload will not find this activity is interesting since it takes more time that what teachers usually spend. An important point is that students’ feedback can provide teachers with unique data and cannot be obtained by the other three tools because students always have many things to say and feel about the teaching and learning process, whether they find some difficulties or not, like the lesson or not, find the lesson motivating or not, etc. b. Informing. Soisangwarn and Wongwanich (2014) also mentioned that a teacher who regularly considers their own practices is more likely to develop and improve their professional learning. Content knowledge: teacher’s understanding of the subject he/ she teaches. He adds that teachers have many means of collecting such evidence about their practice such as surveys, questionnaires, classroom observations with or without peers discussion with other teachers groups face to face and/ or using technology (e.g. (2001). Moreover, the design of activities in which students can share personal experiences or they can talk or write about their interests it is also chief for the development of linguistic skills. New York: Cambridge University Press. Meanwhile, Farrel’s (2016) study indicated that the novice teacher reflection group they were member of helped the teachers better understand the many shocks they experienced so they could get through the first semester as ESL teachers. When we talk about an issue, there will always be positive and negative side, pro and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, I also have learnt a lot from my teaching internship at the school, as I have learnt songs (e.g: Slippery fish) among other strategies (e.g: painting a flower in accordance to the students’ behaviour) in regards to classroom management. Hence, I could observe that since students are already interested and engaged in using technology, when we as teachers incorporate digital elements in the classroom, learners become more interested in the subjects, in this case in the English subject. Sometimes, when teachers find the weaknesses of their teaching and learning activities, it can be hard for them to accept it and change their learning style since it has been being their habits.