Mickey Mouse vs Spongebob Squarepants Live • Pikachu Vs Groot Live • Pennywise Vs The Joker Live • Patrick Vs Goofy Live • Deadpool Vs Deadshot Live • Black Panther Vs Batman Live • Darkseid Vs Thanos Live • Mario Vs Sonic Live • Spongebob Vs Deadpool Live • Thanos Vs Patrick Live • Pennywise Vs Groot Live • Black Panther vs Sonic Live, Cartoon Beatbox Battles - All Mixed Up Let's end this debate once in for all! M-O-U-S-E Boomstick: The magic book allows him to write anything to become a reality and has plot manipulation. Sure, Mickey has acted more as a helper than the hero, but he's proven time and time again that the Disney Kingdom has a well trained combatant king. Mickey takes the Kingdom Key D and Bob takes out his spatula. Enter Micheal Theodore Mouse. Mickey: Don't worry. The video now sits with 18 million views. Spongebob: Bahahahaha! SpongeBob: Well...I guess this is it...I HAVE TO USE IT! Mickey Mouse vs Spongebob Squarepants was the very first episode of Cartoon Beatbox Battles.

In fact, it's certainly believable that under some circumstances, Mickey could win. Boomstick: and Spongebob Squarepants, the Nickelodeon Sponge. Mickey Mouse eat some cheese, Mickey Mouse vs SpongeBob Squarepants • Pikachu Vs Groot • Pennywise Vs The Joker • Patrick Vs Goofy • Deadpool Vs Deadshot • Black Panther Vs Batman • Darkseid Vs Thanos • Mario Vs Sonic • Spongebob Vs Deadpool • Thanos Vs Patrick • Pennywise Vs Groot • Black Panther Vs Sonic • Patrick Vs Pennywise • Black Panther Vs Deadpool, Cartoon Beatbox Battles Season 2 The beams clash, pushing each other, and both heroes sweat. If the world couldn't hurt him, Mickey's weapons could not either! Yeah, a lot of companies can't seem to make their own original movies. That tickled! SpongeBob then writes in the Magic Page and when he's done, he disappears all of a sudden. verbalase points at Spongebob in the other corner, with Spongebob telling Mickey Mouse that he is going down. SpongeBob is quick enough to fry patties, flip them, prepare them and have them set on a plate in about the speed of sound! Mickey frustrated uses the Force to keep Bob from running and throws him to the ground. Mickey then aims at SpongeBob with the Keyblade.

SpongeBob: Aw crap, we're gonna fall! CLICK ON THE (i) IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE VIDEO TO CAST YOUR VOTE!!! Recall that time he made more Krabby Patties than a machine that could do up to 100 patties a minute. U is for you're going down- *laughter* But more times than not, SpongeBob takes it. Spongebob hits Mickey several times who tries to hit him, by failing each hit. After that, he does a remix, in which his mouth gets off his body. season 2, featuring Mickey Mouse from Disney and SpongeBob SquarePants from Nickelodeon in a match-up that rivals that of Mario and Sonic! Boomstick: Mickey can turn the cartoon around so that enemies go to the sky and flip it a segund time to make them fall to the ground and can do it continuously until the emeny is defeated. Bob transformed into Goofy Goober Rock, so Mickey pulled out his Keyblade and both fired lighting bolts but Bob's beam overcame Mickey's beam. N is for nobody can take me out when I bring my beatbox sound, yeah! I mean, we're talking about a sponge that has been beaten, mutilated and crushed multiple times and made it out unfazed!
Mickey then tricks Quickster into running circles around him and Mickey slashes Quickster in a fatal blow which causes Quickster to be sent flying out of a window. The fire attack is shot, but SpongeBob keeps running, until he comes up with an idea.

Quickster: No, my dear friend! This battle was a close match. verbalase then tells Mickey Mouse that Spongebob said he will get burned. And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out WHO would win this (probably controversial) DEATH BATTLE! SpongeBob then punches Mickey, sending him back, but Mickey is able to land safely, and lands on his knees. verbalase breaks it up, and tells Mickey Mouse that Spongebob has to go first. Okay, it's my TURN!. SpongeBob gets up and rolls to dodge Mickey's incoming attack. They get up and look at each other. Invincibubble then traps the king of the Disney worlds in a flurry of punches and kicks, before sending him flying with a punch to the nose. Wiz: And Invincibubble would be easy for Mickey since he could Stopza to freeze time and take advantage of the Enchanted Brush to melt Spongebob with the Thinner. Mickey: Oh gosh, what's a PENCIL gonna do? Boomstick: Mickey has an Enchanted Brush that can use a green substance called Thinner that allows you to erase your enemies. Boomstick: Pearl soots balls of light at the opponent, Light of Healing is able to heal Mickey, Stopza allows you stop the time, can shoot rays of your Keyblade and Auto-Teleport allows Mickey to teleport. verbalase says that's time, and tell's the viewers to like and subscribe.

That tickled! Is that one of the Heartless...?

He then spells his name again, and beatboxes some more after that.

Two of the greatest cartoon characters collide, and after much debate, the answer is here! Then I should make a cartoon character that wields a shotgun and is also a poultry scientist! The video now sits with 18 million views. Mickey freezes SpongeBob in place and breaks the ice, injuring SpongeBob. Boomstick: And it's our job to analize their weapons, armor and skill to see who would win Death Battle .... Wiz: In 1928, Walter Elias Disney created a mouse called Mickey Mouse that whistled while driving a steamboat. The beam then disintegrates Mickey, and once the deed is done, SpongeBob reverts to normal and walks away. Scott Pilgrim VS Viewtiful Joe is up next! Bugs Bunny Beatbox • Ed Edd & Eddy Beatbox, Cartoon Beatbox Showcase Mickey takes out his Lightsaber and uses the force to push Spongebbob and the falls breaks his guitar.

SpongeBob: Oh you don't even KNOW what this can do! (Cue Captain America: The First Avenger: Captain America).

The Mouse King then starts slashing the sea sponge, injuring him a bit. Mickey then summons Firaga, but SpongeBob nearly almost doesn't dodge.
He stops and wonders. Mickey: What is that...?

Mickey: WHERE ARE YOU?! The witty writing and the more than acceptable animation makes this a really good cartoon to watch! Bob pulls out his karate gloves and slaps Mickey several times, until he kicks him sending Mickey to the floor. Boomstick: Spongebob also has a jellyfish net to catch jellyfishes or to trap any people and counter any projectiles, he has a magic pencil wich allows him to create anything he draws to life, the magic pencil has an eraser to erase his creations. The average time to cook a burger at minimum is 8 minutes, while the machine did 100 times more than that! He's about 1 foot tall and drags FREAKING ANCHORS THAT ARE 20 TIMES HIS SIZE! M-I-C-K-E-Y Sometimes, he'll come out in tiny pieces! This is the first episode to be released in the 2010s, as … He's also helped Riku from being corrupted from his own darkness! Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Mickey follows SpongeBob by jumping out the window as well. Wiz: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?. Then verbalase introduces Mickey Mouse, who tells Spongebob to bring it on. Mickey Mouse use toodles in DEATH BATTLE! An explosion formed that left Mickey very wounded.

He then uses Blizzaga but Quickster quickly dodges it and keeps punching Mickey. But who well win. We then see it's actually SpongeBob, wandering around, until he sees Mickey. Popup: The Magic Pencil can even erase beings that aren't even drawings!

Yeah, he's protected Sora, and even took over for him for a while! Wiz: Ok, let's go to the point, Bob's durability could help him avoid dying for some of Mickey's weapons like the Kingdom Key D and he can counteract this weapon with his Spatula and can withstand the Mickey's magic. The doodles then start marching toward Mickey, who quickly begins to slash them. Episode 2 is out now!!! Direct link: https://youtu.be/Kw6fFY0F27gFirst episode of CBB is here!!! A man by the name Walt Disney decided to revolutionize animation but he needed something...someone, to help him achieve this goal.

We see Mickey slashing his Keyblade at a monster, (Cue Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Intro Song).

Black Panther Beatbox, Other Competitors This proves his heart one of the purest hearts in the KH Universe. Two movie geeks battle for superiority...one will win...one will DIE.... He then gets a beat going. Mickey: Y'know, I always thought the Heartless were fun and easy, but you? Ultimately, SpongeBob's beam overpowers Mickey's and it passes through it.