Coty. This change can include something as obvious as a new brand name or logo design, or something more in-depth like a shift in communication or new company values.. Whatever the reason for that change might be, a rebranding strategy … But more widely, rebrands are, of course, a very interesting time for companies and throw up a range of communications considerations – … In this post, we'll discuss what rebranding means and show you some top examples of successful rebranding strategies. A thoughtful strategy can provide stellar results and boost sales for your business. Rebranding press releases are often published same day the rebranding will be launched. Rebranding your company is not just about changing your logo or tagline. Up first, Vi3 – formerly known as Valmarc. Rebranding risks – and how to mitigate them All of the initial indicators suggest that the Ørsted name change has been a successful example of rebranding strategy. Home » Blog » Marketing » Rebranding Done Right: 5 Examples You Can Learn From. It’s the latest marketing trend in a whirlwind of efforts to appear fresh, new and relevant to today’s audiences. 4. Check out these B2B rebranding examples, and see just how awesome B2B branding can be. The company also made a fun new advert to promote the rebrand with a tagline that says “Just Call Us Dunkin’”. For this piece, I’m going to share with you some examples I think did a pretty good job with their university rebranding strategy. Dunkin’ rebranding involved refreshing all of its logos, packaging, advertising, and even remodeling the store designs. Depending on the adopted strategy, some PR firms would rather like to send out pre-rebranding announcements to create a kind puzzle before rolling out the full announcement while others adopt a different approach. Eager to see high-performance branding in action? And if after looking at these excellent rebranding graphics you’ll need a graphic design partner to work on yours, there’s Penji. Rebranding usually occurs when a business decides to change a significant element of its identity.. But oftentimes, a rebranding campaign focuses too much on the aesthetics and too little on the core components that drive it. Coty rebranding is a great example of how cultural movements affect brands and businesses. Vi3. The new identity should demonstrate to your customers and employees how your company aligns with the culture, goals and messages it presents. Stratabeat worked with Vi3, an innovative real-time data intelligence solutions provider, to both develop and implement a robust rebranding strategy. At the same time, a rebranding strategy that's rushed can feel sloppy, lack meaning and fail to resonate with customers. Let's get started! It is about implementing a marketing strategy that will help your company create a new identity. Only because rebranding is not simply a shiny new logo rather it’s a strategic overhaul which entirely renovates public perception. Change can be surprising or divisive transforming it … 8 Rebranding Examples Showing Superb Rebranding Strategy. Rebranding.