All through college(60’s) we used “Sanalac” for our milk. Good work, may you be happy and free from pain. AND, regular milk is better that either of them. plus I was surprised to see that you are Utah Prepper author too (which I follow). $12.99/can. Will leave it to stand now and also stored in glass container. Overall, either of these drinks would be recommended and nice to have for a little treat in your food storage that also provides a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. It was really awful to see it go for the simple fact that people were buying name brands never knowing this jewel of a product was nearby on the shelves!! I use mine up this way so I always have fresh. Required fields are marked *. There are recipes out there to make evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk with your dry milk mix. And then there is the whole business of being instant or regular- so how well it will reconstitute. In a previous post we compared three different options for powdered milk: Carnation, Peak, and DIY (dry-it-yourself). are not. I actually like the added flavor in my breads. I do not recommend Chocolate because it is too weak, and stay away from citrus Yuck! It also didn’t taste very good. Can you explain why? Included in the taste test were 2 different kinds available from the LDS storehouse. I wonder how they would compare? I think it was your comment on another post that put the crazy idea in my head to begin with, so thank you. I thought IT must be the real milk) 3. We made it through all the regular white milks we tried. thank you for sharing all your effort. It average score was 2.09 with a range of 1-4 and the most common choice being 1. I have found the LDS Cannery milk to mix up best with slightly warm water. It looked a little more like regular chocolate milk. We grew up $$$ poor, My momma used sugar, however she has passed & cant remember how she made it taste sooo good using SUGAR! Hubbie is not a milk-lover, but he loves this milk. Like what you see here? —————Thanks for the review! Then we had people taste them and grade each on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being really bad and 5 being really good and let them write any comments they wanted to about any of them. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to review more of their stuff soon. Also makes delicious mashed potatoes – sprinkle it on the potatoes, beat them till almost ready, then add potato water to desired consistency. Wow! I've found it not bad with a dollop of vanilla mixed in. This stuff repelled water. One request – could you post the cost per gallon for each of the products? Maybe if you mixed less in it wouldn’t have as much flavor. If I'm real tricky I might get it into the tables at the bottom at some point. So, I added 1/2 cup extra, and it tasted better. . But, in a pinch, it hasn't bothered my family much to use powdered! Ingredients: 100% real instant nonfat milk, vitamins A & D.  I’d buy this milk. We conducted a blind taste test of seven different types of milk — including dairy and non-dairy varieties — to see which ultimately tastes the best. We joked as we were fighting with it that it would probably be the best tasting just because it was such a pain to mix. It took 2 cups of powder to make a gallon of drink. Ick. A common comment was “sweet”. The same amount of milk powder was used, mixed into the same amount of room temperature water. It took 3 cups to make a gallon, so actually it makes the Rainy Day brand comparable in price for the amount of milk you can make from the can. They do, however, generally cost less per can and usually are more concentrated than instant milks so they use less powder to make the same amount of liquid milk. Your email address will not be published. Didn’t taste great but also not bad. I always have a quart in my fridge that we use for baking purposes to rotate it. I wish I had a source here in AZ and didn't have to order it from Utah and Pay the high shipping!! It dissolved readily in warm or cold water. They were: organic whole milk, lactose-free 2% milk, organic 1% milk, skim milk, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. Morning Moo Regular Milk Flavor 6. You stated that it took 5 1/3 cups to make a gallon of the Western Family milk, (thinking that was a lot). When chilled and mixed well it was ‘not so bad’.. Hello! Overall though, it had a very good chocolate flavor. You can’t just mix it in cold water. The average taste score on the Rainy Day instant milk was 2.81, with a range of 1-4 and the most common score chosen was 3. The one by us even has the large containers. Based on your reviews, I think I'll stick with the Morning Moos. Maybe just supplemented with another brand to be used for drinking. Not sure if there is a powdered variety of any of those. It works really well. Although, that milk D that was supposedly instant didn't mix up easily either.Anon-vanilla is great. It also has a shelf life of approximately one year (use it for cooking instead of drinking after that) making it a great prep item. I used to mix it in the blender, then let it sit overnight & add more water as the bubbles would go away. And yes, I remember Elsie, we just didn’t care to test her milk in this study. Thank you for posting such a detailed review! This makes a richer tasting milk product that children, especially, might accept better than the straight powdered milk. The Great Powdered Milk Taste Test and Review. I came across your site as I was trying to decide which powdered milk (or substitute) to store for our families long term storage. Texasmufflerman- the LDS cannery milk is non instant or regular powdered milk. I might do some experimenting this weekend. I didn't know there was such a thing so I appreciate knowing this! It was a little “thinner” than regular chocolate milk and needed re-mixed after sitting overnight. Now I need to try some of the others since they reportedly taste so much better. Wow, Provident Pantry milk is good! You can even make flavored milk like banana or any flavor pudding mix come in. It may just be the people trying it. This milk had more “flavor” than some of the others. Each metal can stores for a year. You have aroused my curiosity!You categorized the LDS as non-instant. I had to go back and look at the date when I saw how poorly the Cannery milk rated. I gave each milk a letter A through J. Mariah-Ha! I'm vegan but this product could be useful to any lactose intolerant preppers. *chuckle* I'll agree with Jayce, but then again, that goes along with having grown up oversees on powdered milk-he fortunately doesn't remember the stuff we got in the '70s 'cause he was just a baby, but *Bleah*! The ingredients on this one were nonfat dry milk, lactose, vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3. I don’t think I can use the Morning Moo for that either…). Or maybe it just helped me understand just how bad it can be. Ingredients: milk, vitamins A and D. Milk “A”: Honeyville Milk Alternative. thank you, Angela, for amending the relevant comparison. They had a free mixer bottle. I find it very interesting that the LDS cannery milk scored so low. I'm glad to share information with whoever can benefit from it. There’s only one problem… it tastes nasty, and no one will drink it! I’m sure the prices are much different by now, but I really appreciate you taking the time to research this. Very useful! A few years back when I first became disabled the Church helped us out and I found that the instant milk tasted OK. Account active I don't know which kind she used. Or maybe indicate how many gallons can be made from each can of product so I can figure out the cost myself? Recalling the state of my pocketbook, it was probably the icky store brand--oh, there was a short time that I used whey powder type milk substitute cuz I got it cheap. Milk “F” was the regular milk in a jug we discussed at the top of the post, so on to milk “G”. So even though the cost of the can isn’t as high as some of the others in the experiment, your cost per gallon is pretty steep. While reading this blog I thought it would be interesting to see if people who like certain types of powdered milk best liked certain types of regular milk best. Try putting the milk in the freezer about 15 minutes before you’re going to drink it. thank you for sharing all your effort. The samples were all stirred until completely dissolved. I've added the cost per gallon to each milk's explanation. We drank it during our 2 week mock emergency week and couldn't tell the difference between real milk and this powdered milk. :), Thank you for taking the time to make this comparison. I’ll cover the chocolate varieties in the next post, so now for you visual people, here’s the information in a table. This one mixed up fairly easily. Yes, we tried 10 kinds of milk. That may have been what scarred your childhood, Mariah. I was always a big fan! And thanks for giving us the range of scores not just the average for each milk brand. I got approximately 11 1/2 cups of powder out of a can. $5.79 for 12.6 oz; makes 3 quarts Can you email us with that info? It is 100% milk–ingredients: nonfat dry milk, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3. But like I said before, I don’t care how it tastes as liquid milk when I’m making cheese or baking with it. I loved this post, I am going to look into some of these. I've cross posted an intro w/ link on my EmergencyHomePreparation site! It is 100% milk–ingredients: nonfat dry milk, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3. Are you aware of any powdered soya milk on the market? I remember we would occasionally have powdered instant milk instead of fresh. GREAT, GREAT, great post! Give me my organic non fat and I am happy. | Food Storage Made Easy,, Making the Most of Your Powdered Milk Food Storage - 72 Hour Kits - Disaster Preparation - Preparedness Mama, Powdered Milk Cooking Tips and Recipes - PreparednessMama. Remember when we tasted the powdered milks? The average taste score on the Rainy Day instant milk was 2.81, with a range of 1-4 and the most common score chosen was 3. Wow. Also available at some Utah Wal-Marts and Associated Foods Stores. Useful experiment; keep up the good work. This was a pretty good tasting powdered milk. It was the classic powdered milk taste. This is a great post. So Nido can be incorporated into short term/natural disaster shortage supplies planning but not long term. $13.00/can. This happened over two days. This stuff tastes as good as fresh - BETTER than WM's Great Value whole milk. Don’t let kids see, hear, know, ect… how & when you are making it! Milk “G”: Rainy Day Foods Instant Non-Fat Milk. It was kind of thin, you might put more than that in. Also, with the cost of gas now, I try to only shop for groceries once a month – we buy meats in bulk and then vacuum pack the individual serviings and freeze them. It dulled the sweetness a little bit and added “milk” flavor and texture to it. I featured it on my blog today.Wendy(, Thanks for all the comments.Texasmufflerman- the LDS cannery milk is non instant or regular powdered milk. They refused to drink it at other times! Maybe it’s just our area (CA bay area). It took 3 cups to make a gallon, so actually it makes the Rainy Day brand comparable in price for the amount of milk you can make from the can.