Furthermore, getting in involves quite an extensive security and registration process. On the World Stroke Day, the Ostankino TV Tower is going to take part in "Dress in red!" You can stay up at the deck as long as you want. Image of radio, equipment, place - 60545210 tall, Ostankino tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Moscow attracting thousands of tourists per year. Here, there is café counter selling fresh bread, snacks and cakes. After the first layer of airport style x-ray security screening, you exit into a “registration” counter where officers will register your visit and grant you entry. Booking is by telephone +7 (495) 926-61-11 or on the tower’s web site. Observation deck - download this royalty free Stock Footage in seconds. Documenting the world, one post at a time. The indoor decks are all entirely air-conditioned. |. Feel free to wander around the site. They offer fairly decent quality Sushi at a price really hard to... AFA Singapore is a mega anime cosplay convention event, and a staple event every year in the Singapore pop-culture calendar. Ostankino TV Tower is a television and radio tower. Notably, it takes one full hour for the revolving restaurant to make one full revolution. An “Ostankino” archway by the side of the main road marks the entrance to the Tower compound. Additionally, adding to the thrill of the height is a sector is a Perspex clear floor area. The Ostankino TV Tower was erected in 1967. You can similarly use your Metro contact-less card here too. Visitors will see one of 21 weather station masts up close for the first time. At night, a combination of large LED screens installed on the tower exterior makes it noticeable from anywhere in Moscow. 14.10.2020. The attraction has a couple of small single floor buildings with heavily tinted windows at the entrance. It was the first name of the TV Tower, which was given 53 years ago. Check out a 180 degree panorama of the Ostankino tower lower level pavilion and fountain area. Moreover, lined along the windows are several information displays giving facts of the tower, as well as showing how the tower stacks up to other record setting tall buildings around the world. Furthermore, the queues are never long. Water bottles are not allowed, but cameras and video cameras are allowed. After all, Ostankino TV Tower is a protected government building. Also the second and more expensive option with a guided tour. It is on a technical deck, until now only open to weather service personnel. You previously might remember my visit to the World-fair like park and amusement area. An 85 metre high outdoor observation deck has opened to visitors at the Ostankino TV Tower. Moreover, the ground floor counter staff will inform you when the next elevator is ready. Furthermore, there is surprisingly plenty of dining options up here at Ostankino. Furthermore, the observation deck runs around in a full circular continuous manner. Do note you have to deposit all bulky items and haversacks in the locker room. The observation deck has 5 floors in total you can roam and explore. From here, you pass by a welcome archway leading through a grassy green field. Additionally, one more floor down is occupied by Restoran 7 Nebo. More > Congratulations on World Tourism Day! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. There are no other visible structure as tall as the TV Tower. intel Rocket Lake 11-gen CPUs, an underdog? The TV-studio of Roscosmos worked especially for translation of Soyuz MS-17 launch from observation deck of the Ostankino Tower. Definitely worthy of a visit. Looking immediately below you is the large open green field and the TV tower entrance and car park. Also, at night, the tower is lit by a series of purple and blue exterior lighting. Interestingly, it is a fine dining restaurant and opens from 12 noon to midnight on operating days (even past the tower opening times). These broadcasting telecommunication equipment hosts 20 television as well as 23 radio stations. Interestingly, security does look pretty tight here. Your say, your stay, enjoy yourself here. Welcome to ShaunChng.com! It does distinctively stand out in the night sky. Also, there are bus services and a monorail station which you can use to transfer to the TV Tower. On November 5, 1967 an act for acceptance into operation of the Union Radio and Television Transmitting Station dedicated to 50th anniversary of October was signed by the State Commission. In all, the walk from the Teletsentr monorail station, bag deposits, security checks and buying of tickets took under 30 minutes. Up to 10 people can fit onto the outdoor platform. Moreover, there are 5 elevators, though 2 were in active service on my visit. Other equipment is mounted 85, 128, 201, 253 and 385 metres off the ground. Do reach me. It is simply known as the Coffee bar Café and opens from 10:30am to 10:00pm. Thankfully, there is a Cafe up on the tower which you can buy water from later. Have a thought or question? The guard will explain to you (in Russian) how to use the free combination-code lockers. At regular intervals, the PA system will call out when an elevator is departing from the top floor back down to ground level. The Ostankino Tower, located in the north of the Moscow, was opened in 1967 to offer television and telephone services to more than 15 million people.In the upper part it has an observation deck located at 1,115 feet (340 metres) high.. Today the Ostankino TV Tower celebrates its 53s birthday. Sergei Bobylev/TASS Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images You can pair the variety of breads and cakes to go with your tea, coffee or soft drinks. It comprises of a sector of floor panels replaced with clear flooring. It offers great views from its upper observation deck overlooking the city of Moscow. On the road on the opposite side, you have to walk about 100 meters along the main road back east bound to the attraction entrance. Now it includes weather forecast equipment operating on the tower and on the grounds around it. Additionally you may notice from below, the tower has several intermediate antenna points placed at intervals throughout the tower’s height.