The de Lisle MOSFET OD is a dirt pedal built by a tube amplifier company...and it sounds like it. The tiny size of this pedal can also be a major perk for people struggling with space on their pedalboards. That’s because in the LP (Low Peak) mode you can get a nice clean boost with the drive turned down or a crunchy overdrive with the drive turned up. BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK I can’t say enough good things about the Joyo Vintage Overdrive Pedal for the price point it’s sold at. It's no secret that even a 5W amp when overdriven can be too loud for home use. Thanks for the comment, Mac! Check out the pedal demo and I think you’ll see what I mean. But hey, if you’re on a tight budget and need something that works, they can be great options. The tube line up includes an EF86 pentode fronted by a 12AX7 twin-triode. A friend of mine recently picked up a secondhand Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive and was raving about it. The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal is an industry-standard overdrive pedal that has been popular for decades since the early ’80s. I bought the last two back in the day and still have them on my pedal board – so definitely on the ‘love it’ side of the marmite equation! I am so curious about those but haven’t found a convincing demo yet. The Fulltone Full-Drive 3 Overdrive Pedal is the newest overdrive pedal from Fulltone and the cousin of the Full-Drive 2 pedal above this. Jake is the founder of Crambler. If you are going to recommend Joyo you should mention their Ultimate Drive which is their version of the OCD at a fraction of the cost. Has anyone within the last 30 years ever NOT reviewed any of the Tube Screamers – TS-9, 808, etc? I’d also recommend the bbe g screamer it’s a tight little overdrive. Just connect your amps' outputs to numbered amplifier inputs on the rear panel. Signal and ground connections from the amps are always isolated from one another. The best way would be to just watch the pedal demo and listen for yourself! Use multiple amps at the same time, swap speaker cabinets between amps, or connect multiple speakers to an amp in parallel. Thanks for the comment, Christian. The de Lisle Speaker Cabinet AB Selector Switch allows you to toggle between two speaker cabinets connected to the same amp. It's full bodied with a defined bottom end and a smooth top end. It is housed in a double-wide enclosure, but easily sports enough features to justify its use of real estate. The newer one has a little harsh top end in comparison. Well, asymmetrical clipping means that the pedal gives the natural overdriven sound of a tube amp cranked up which many people love and desire. The Mosfet Overdrive ships in its original "reactive" mode. It enables you to safely connect a guitar to one, two or three amps at a time without introducing ground loop hum. The good thing here is that you can have some of them and combine them, using one as a clean boost then you can even go further in the OD space. With the switch down in “BOOST-OD” mode, the boost comes first, then the overdrive. I’m a bit surprised not to see a mention of the old standby BD1 Blues Driver although I think the OCD does the flatter EQed blues crunch thing as good or even better (I use the OCD for this myself) but the BD1 is still a solid pedal for its purpose. 4 – Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET Overdrive. Which isn’t true bypass and lacks clarity. The Red Llama is based on that (with lower gain), and the Blackstone owes at least the idea to use the 4049 chip to the TSF. All the official documentation and sources claim that it’s a distortion pedal but many review sites are categorising it an an overdrive. Mojomojo, Donner Bluesdriver, and Boss SD-1…I have some others as well, a very old Yamaha OD 10MII and a Berhinger Vintage Tube Monster…all have their good points. As far as the 4 controls go, you have your fairly standard drive, level (volume), and treble control (which can basically be translated to a “tone” control). Thanks for stopping in and keep rockin’! The Mosfet Overdrive is available directly from Blackstone, for $225. Routing the signals is simple: the four switches on the front panel correspond to the four speaker connections. Save 15% with the Amp-Speaker Selector V3 and. Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET Overdrive Pedal Review 5 Peter 2020-06-14 01:18:43 The Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET is an amazingly versatile overdrive and boost pedal. Some overdrive pedals are perfect for that, too. With 4 full-sized controls and a “voice” switch all packed into a small casing, this overdrive pedal will give you a vast array of cool sounds using a small amount of space on your pedalboard. Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET Overdrive Pedal Review 5 Peter 2020-06-14 01:18:43 The Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET is an amazingly versatile overdrive and boost pedal.