Required fields are marked *. That style helps you to not get too hot. Thanks for shopping our modest clothing collection. The "long yoga shorts with basketball shorts on top" combo might seem a bit warm for summer time, but I've done a lot of running and cycling in this outfit. Which of these summer dresses will you be adding to your closet? Athletic sandals have comfortable padding, and are made with lots of walking (or standing!) Our modest dresses are stylish, comfortable & radiant, and are unique for every occasion! We love the color block design on of this floral dress. ... modest outfits that you can wear in different places and contexts. The t-shirt style of this dress makes it breathe so well. And it's cute, and has a high neckline. Related Content: How To Dress Modestly In The Summer. It is fun and will stand out. The body and sleeves are loose, but still have some shape. It can easily be paired with so many different colors and patterns of shirts. Modest clothes are hard to find, so we've created a vast collection of options, including over 150 modest dresses, so you can have lots of choices all in one place. It has a nice, tight fit that is really flattering. This jumper dress comes in such a nice shade of dark denim. Just because it's hot outside, and the gyms in your area might be closed, doesn't mean that you can't get in a good workout . It’s girly, unique, and beautiful. long yoga shorts / basketball shorts / dri-fit workout t-shirt. Here's an outfit I picked that should help make this comfortable, while keeping you looking stylish: striped tie-belt shirt dress (Old Navy) / leggings / athletic sandals. It's almost like modern retailers are intentionally trying to strip women down and force us to be half-naked all the time. So if you play tennis (or if you just really need an athletic skirt that happens to be white), be sure to check this out. Summer is here, it's hot outside, and we all want some semblance of a social life (despite whatever Coronavirus restrictions are in place). Exclusive designs for women who love to wear beautiful clothes to church or work, but who won't sacrifice comfort or modesty. It has short sleeves and a tie at the waist. I'm Liz, a modest fashion blogger and twin momma. At no cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can style this dress so many different ways and wear it all summer long. Here are 15 modest summer dresses for women that will help you survive the hot summer days in 2020. You can roll up the sleeves (to just-past-elbow length), and it will cover your shoulders. For example, the Nike one -besides being over-priced - doesn't even reach mid-thigh on a 5'2" model. Buy each piece separately, and make sure that the your yoga shorts are almost knee-length, and your basketball shorts reach mid-thigh. Here, I've tried to compile some examples of basic outfits for a variety of occasions: cinched waist top / mid-rise girlfriend jeans (3/4 length) / athletic sandals (not pictured). Stop by today or join us online anytime and see our hottest, modest, summer styles, and you’ll stand out without sticking out.