Adele is a member of the High Flora race. Hayato also has two stances one for mobbing and one for bossing which you can switc

Drag and drop a character onto the Battle Map, and it’ll appear in the shape of a brick, occupying a part of the Battle Map. You don’t have to pick them up daily, but there’s a cap on the number of coins that are saved up before any further coins earned will be wasted.

Provides additional EXP when absorbing a Combo Kill Orb.

Or those end-game player using normal Lucid soul weapon summon being able to 1-hitting mobs requiring AF. Neatly organized table! At level 60: Start using Level 60 Tots Know-How equipment box gear + medal. Non-Reboot: If you have the NX, Reboot: Everyone, Buff Duration +5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%, 100% Knockback resist for 90 / 110 / 130 seconds (180 second cooldown), Chance to survive fatal attack +5% / 10% (No level 3), 20% chance to deal 4% / 8% / 12% / 16% / 20% more damage, Incoming Damage reduced +3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%, IED +2% / +4% / +6% / +8% / +10% with new level intervals being 118 / 128 / 138 / 178 / 178. I can confirm Stat from Union Characters are not affected by Potential Stat% but not sure whether those Stat gained from the Union Board brick affected or not, never bother to test it out. From Aran. The new system does not provide much buff compared the older system in the early stage. Recovers HP when the HP falls below a certain percentage. It provides a permanent 10-20% EXP increase from monsters, and also allows you to teleport to Elluel every 10 minutes.

These Maple Coins allow you to upgrade your equips with Epic Potential Scroll and Potential Stamp (to upgrade the number of Potential Lines). hmm so now don’t have the deck bonus effect already right?

The higher your Union Rank, the more Attack Unit Members you can add to occupy more parts of the Battle Map. Damage +2% for attacking at least twice within 5 seconds, stacks up to 5 times. So it’s kind of a pay-to-win Link Skill, but unless you have tons of money to blow, you’re better off spending it on other cash items first.

[Max Level 2] Attacks against weaker opponents deal + 3% / 6% damage. A pretty quick and easy way to get your legion grid set up! Increase damage against boss monsters, and depending on your party size, further increases damage.

Do temple of time quest line on all 15 characters. Especially when you are level 140 and getting good exp from doing it.

Increases your inner rage to deal more damage against boss monsters.

The coins are handed out when you leave the legion raid and are used for legion rank upgrades ex.

This is GOOD exp for about 1 1/2 hours worth of work. Creates a shield to absorb a certain amount of hits. (DEF reduced is summed before multiplied for multiple stacks), Critical Rate +3% and Monster Collection Chance +10%, Critical Rate +4% and Monster Collection Chance +15%, Critical Rate +6% and Monster Collection Chance +20%, Critical Rate +7% and Monster Collection Chance +25%, Critical Rate +9% and Monster Collection Chance +30%, Critical Rate +10% and Monster Collection Chance +35%.

Iron Will simply increases your max HP. Ahh, I had originally put it as a class that give STR but caught my mistake at the end but forgot to change who benefits.

Hi ayumi, Level 60 (and Second Job Advancement completed): Rank B.

From Xenon. Since it’s more versatile than the others, it gets a higher spot in this list.

It consists of 16 areas, 8 internal and 8 external areas.

From Explorer Magicians (Bishop, I/L Arch Mage, F/P Arch Mage).

Each stack increases damage dealt and reduces DEF by 1%. [Max Level 3] 10% / 15% / 20% of enemy DEF ignored. Note that these stat bonuses are NOT final stat bonuses, meaning that they are affected by % stat bonuses. I don’t get it, so does Star Force affects the damage of your main character? Note: make sure you buy the 30 day extra pendant slot coupon from Henesys, Once all this is done this should be your gear set up (make sure everything is 10 Starred! Did union come up in MapleStory United States server.

The character you are on can also join the battle and attack freely, whereas your other characters will be in a fixed position and cannot be controlled by you; there will also be Wyverns that spawn in the map that only your current character can attack, and must be defeated for daily Legion-related quests. I know some people don't have a 2nd comp, but for those who do, this is both time and meso efficient. Phantom Instinct. A good skill to have whenever you’re in a party or bossing. Also look for Solid Pendants and Belt for the 4 piece Solid set. Damage increases when shield is active. Skill effects reduced to half when used with Link Skill. 300 for Renowned, 500 for Heroic, and probably 1k or something for Legendary but at that point you won’t really care that much about coins. For owners, right click this skill to swap STR and DEX on equipments.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. Maple Unions are units of your characters in the same world. I’m curious about evan’s skill effect, does the mp recovery have a cooldown or is it just 70% chance with every hit you do. The Union Raid is considered Combat content that you can use with your Attack Unit members.

I do commend those who can withstand the grind for 6500 levels. I've been wondering what quests are important to do and after the pain of doing gollux prequests over the level I was considering trying to make something like this. No level 3, can be stacked up to 3 times. Want mules that are ready to jump right into if you decide you want to play them more or eventually main them! (Also takes 1 week per character). Gives Invincibility time upon revival after death.

Monster EXP +20% permanently. Hoyoung is a relatively new character class. @UtterlyConfused: Yes, Star Force allows your character in Maple Union to inflict more damage against the Big Bad Dragon, in return you gain more Maple Union coins per day.

Nice, might as well update this to include the glory links for the explorers though. Corsair summon duration works for every class that wants to use a soul summon to farm.

Each area offers different character stats, and the more bricks you occupy, the greater your stat bonus. You'll want to look for these two NPCs for your legion shop or to pick up and turn in the dailies: Damage to boss monsters +2%. Crit Damge, Crit Rate, Etc.) Once entered, click “Exit” button to visit the NPC. If you want easy, find someone to leach. Cooldown 3 minutes. Increases critical rate and monster collection chance.