Literacy Reflection. Scientific literacy: questions for reflection. These fo, This 6 page non-fiction work packet is an excellent reading comprehension resource. We not only discussed this … This form assists students in practicing their reading strategies while reading. Cultural Literacy Reflection Questions Questions for International Film/Book Reflections Provide a BRIEF summary of the text or film. x�bbbd`b``Ń3�0 ��� Perfect supplemental activity to your. 21 Reflection Prompts. They’re simple, broad, and practical. 0000085135 00000 n Thes, This resource is the perfect pre-reading assignment for the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. 0000009403 00000 n 0000086423 00000 n 15 Reflection Strategies To Help Students Retain What You Just Taught Them. 2. Critical Reflection: Takes into account context in which events occur, questions assumptions, considers alternatives, thinks about consequences of decisions/actions on others, and engages in reflective skepticism. How is health care literacy an occupational therapy/health issue? 3.Did this activity help you learn more than others we’ve done? For Literacy, we have been doing the rubric, and we have been doing a workshop each day. 3. The "reading passport" offers a fun and exciting way to think about the book they've just read. Reflection Questions for Digital Literacy in Social Work. Here at Presence, there are five main prompts that we encourage you to use. 2. They then have to give their reasoning. By Mariama Sesay-St. Paul. What conclusions can you draw about…? (This post pairs nicely with 8 Reflective Questions To Help Any Student Think About Their Learning.) Encourage evaluation What did you want the children to learn in …? Ans) Teachers and families play a vital role in the creation of language-rich learning environments. 0000085900 00000 n 0000010631 00000 n Jessica_Racheal_ZenLesson Format. In addition, each response includes a bonu, Targeting social skills in mixed groups can be tricky! The most important research and understandings that I can take away from this assignment and reflection… Reflection Questions: Activities. These questions are written for readers to ask of themselves: Why is literacy central to teaching? (2007). 0000003069 00000 n 1. 2017/2018 It contains 31 slides with unique questions for students to answer about independently-read novels. And, of course, all answers are acceptable because different people notice different things. Grades. 0000085364 00000 n Sample questions might include: Does the reading, lecture, or experience challenge you socially, culturally, emotionally, or theologically?