That is what it looks like, a Mack Sennett feature with dialogue. Angela has Mata tell the men she does not love them. Farina gives a wonderful performance, as does Clements; both are first-time actors, as are most of the principals. He can be reached at They are used here under the fair use banner for the purpose of review. I tried to post that wonderful 'Mata Machree" number she did in Million Dollar Legs 1932 but it was blocked worldwide. Sure, Jack Oakie and Susan Fleming are the young, romantic leads in this utterly crazy film, but they seem self-consciously aware that this is their billing and the writers have them play up to it every time they are on screen. (All are from Paramount, despite the "Universal Rarities" label.) Sign up for exclusive discounts and save up to 50% on tickets! Susan Fleming and Jack Oakie are an excellent double-team, and there's even a nice joke that both share concerning Clara Bow! Migg asks to marry Angela, who says he must ask her father. He was at the time a popular Paramount lead comic actor. Susan Fleming is the last listed in the smallest print, although she appears much higher in the movie credits. All the men of this tiny nation are named "George" and all the women are named "Angela". Paramount decided they wanted a comedy tie-in to the 1932 Olympics and this is what they got. Blond bombshell making music sexy. "Million Dollar Legs"....hmmmm......nope, it's not obvious what possible content in the film could in some way be related to the title. Susan Fleming goes through the movie Airplane deadpan style, saying a lot of stupid lines in a monotone, which makes me laugh even more. Their courtship is thoroughly absurdist. morenocarlos12. Perhaps he's too busy being distracted by his conscious verbalisation of the insincerity of declaring heterosexual love to another in just three words: "I love you"?! Ah yes, the Old Klopstokian Song of Love! The dialogue between the pair is at times unconnected and seemingly ignored - for example, Migg's declaration of "I love you" nearly every time that the pair appear on screen together is rarely answered by Angela. But the whole film is blissful nonsense. The Klopstokian team managed to win several gold medals, despite the machinations of the Secretary of the Treasury, who wished to overthrow the President and who hired a beautiful spy, Mata Machree, (The Woman No Man Can Resist) to sabotage the team. TCM has packaged the film with three other '30s titles. The pair instantly fall in love just as soon as they hit the dirt. You might think so but it apparently wasn't. At the same time, in their secret underground lair, the cabinet ministers meet to discuss how to sabotage Klopstokia's entry in the Olympic games and thwart Migg. Andy Clyde as the Major Domo almost steals the show with his exploits dressed as a goat; Fields and Herbert exercising against the same wall on-board the ship also ends with side-splittingly funny disastrous consequences; and one of my favourite moments is when Fields can't unlock the door of his office to call out to "Sweetheart", so he punches the glass out of the window rather than find the key. The President tells Migg to help him get eight million dollars, and he can marry Angela. has proved his strength by defeating the ringleader of his rioting cabinet, only for his new benefactor to steal the show. Could the million dollar legs refer to the Major Domo's (Andy Clyde), who is indeed speedy on foot and a central part of the Klopstokian athletic team?? Jack Oakie is similarly goofy as Migg, throwing himself around and taking a few bumps along the way. Fate, or some mysterious force, can put the finger on you or me for no good reason at all. A Klopstokian love song is pure Dada. Whew! At the games in Los Angeles the Klopstokian team walks on crutches. David Kelsey 1y @Bill Green Thank you for the clip of the great performance. Copyright 1991-2020 © Playbill Inc. All Rights Reserved. Fields plays the president of Klopstokia, who is being plotted against daily by his cabinet, led by Hugh Herbert. It's down to Angela to go and fight Mata (winning a medal for diving in the process) and drag the beaten spy along to the Klopstokian dressing-room so that she can confess that she didn't love. This site has been visited: Inside the Broadway Community Project: What Happens When a Costume Needs Fixing...But the Actor's Already Wearing It? He later was Mussolini in The Great Dictator. One fine example of the film's bonkerssness (new word) is it's successful parodying of conventional elements featured in many a film from the 20s and 30s - heck - even from the birth of cinema. Never before in a film has "I love you" got such repeated laughs. She sings "When I Get Hot" while dancing seductively and agrees to help for a price. With Jack Oakie, W.C. Fields, Andy Clyde, Lyda Roberti. It does! Talk about love at first sight.) In the final scene Baldwin defeats the President at Indian wrestling. The screenplay was co written by Joseph Mankiewicz who later wrote All About Eve and other stuff, and produced by his brother, Herman, who later wrote Citizen Kane. The film seems to have been made on a dare; studio head B. P. Schulberg of Paramount sent a command to the writer's building for someone to come up with a script that could capitalize on the upcoming 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The Tenenbaums are a family of geniuses after the genius has worn off. The film ends in typical screwball fashion. It's a brisk 61 minutes of nuttiness directed by Edward Cline. Film #4 - Should Second Husbands Come First? It turns out that the Klopstokians are all world-class athletes; it must be something in the goat's milk. At that point Fields became difficult to work with and Cline somehow got along with him. The natives are trained from an early age to be extremely athletic and the country has a literal "Strong Man" ruler; its president can only be deposed by being beaten in an Indian wresting match. From there, it weird. So what are my other favourite comedy moments in the film? That especially interesting riff in the relative minor key is also note for note in a band recording of the song, and so not, as I originally imagined, an inspired improv by Mr. Warren. William Claude Dukenfield (January 29, 1880 – December 25, 1946), better known as W. C. Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler, and writer. Nice review, and thanks for the heads up on the DVD release. He is a lot easier to take playing it semi straight. "Why not?" A brush salesman in love with the President's daughter gets athletic Klopstokia to enter the Olympic games. They are led by secretary of the Treasury (Hugh Herbert), because he defeats the others in arm wrestling. Directed by F... All text on this blog is the property of Peregrine the Parakeet (2016). While visiting the mythical country of Klopstokia on business, brush salesman Migg Tweeny (Jack Oakie) collides with a young woman (Susan Fleming) on the street and the two fall instantly in love. Ann Gibson as Lyda Roberti, "Sweet and Hot" and "It's Terrific (When I Get Hot)", Gibson and Hodges WHEN I GET HOT|Central PA Ragtime Festival|June 22 2013, Million Dollar Legs: How they choose a President in Klopstokia, Cleveland Classic Cinema - Million Dollar Legs, Take a Number from One to Ten (From "College Rhythm"), My Cousin In Milwaukee (feat. (A brash young American suitor asks why. The President says the country needs money and tells the cabinet to get it. (The actual house they used was on West 144th Street, in Harlem.) When Migg asks the President about Angela, he has him removed. Political power is satirized as based on physical strength. Go on! (1927). If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. The other is the Klopstokian national love song, "Woof Bloogle Gik." (Criterion, most happily, provides a six-page insert with three-dozen hand-drawn preliminary sketches, designs and groundplans by Eric Chase Anderson, brother of the director. This first-time film from director/writer/producer Whit Stillman follows a group of debutantes and their escorts — home from their first semester of college — through a Christmas week of society balls at the Plaza, plus late-night after-parties on upper Park Avenue. View wiki source for this page without editing. The Angela of the occasion is one Susan Fleming, who manages to hold her own against scene-stealers Oakie and Fields. Not a personal favorite, but he is okay here. Anderson, in a booklet which accompanies this Blu-ray, notes that the film "contains more perhaps unnecessary visual detail than both of my previous films combined." She: "I love you, too." In weight lifting Mata inspires the Treasury secretary to lift; but Migg makes the President mad, and he wins weight lifting and the shot put as well. Angela goes and gets Mata. Pres. For an example of Mata's power that is testament to her tambourine like torso, check out the Secretary of the Interior's (Billy Gilbert) reaction below: Mata's song is deliciously risqué: "When I start to dance, the fire hoses start to prance, and now the whole department, wears asbestos pants!". The other is the Klopstokian national love song, "Woof Bloogle Gik." for Klopstokia? They decide to enlist the help of a spy - Mata Machree, the woman no man can resist (Lyda Roberti) - to seduce the entire team of Klopstokian athletes. We bid you welcome. Director Wes Anderson creates an altogether unique universe in the 2001 charmer, The Royal Tenenbaums [Criterion]. Has Madonna seen this? All the men of this tiny nation are named "George" and all the women are named "Angela". You're very welcome. View and manage file attachments for this page. It just so happens that the President of Klopstokia (W. C. Fields) is in trouble - the country is $8,000,000 in debt, and his cabinet are desperate to overthrow him. I wish I could find all of the lyrics to this. Million Dollar Legs 1932 is available on DVD from amazon and it's a very good movie in my opinion at least. The cabinet plots to overthrow the President and take over the mines. (Myers, who had a relatively minor career, was a long-time friend of Lorenz Hart; back in the days before Hart's lyric writing career took off, he produced two plays by Myers on Broadway. Ironically winning amateur athletics is seen as the way to gain money for the country. Joe Weaver & The Don Juans - Baby I love you so - Duration: 3 minutes, 5 seconds. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's daily series benefits The Actors Fund. Angela tells Migg to give them a pep talk and kisses him. This is one that's been eluding me forever. Yes. View Site Stats. Then the Klopstokian team wins many events. Migg says he loves her, brushing her backside. I find it kind of interesting the print ad lists the actors in three sizes. The song is "I'm in Love with a Tune." THE DVD SHELF: "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Metropolitan" and the Absurdist Comedy "Million Dollar Legs", This month we watch three unconventional and unlikely movies, each of which creates a world of its own: Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums," Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan" and a wacky 1932 comedy called "Million Dollar Legs. I haven't obsessed over every scene in this film; to do so would rather spoil the fun of watching it, so on that note, I suggest that you go and watch/re-watch it. Lyda Roberti), Pardon My English: My Cousin In Milwaukee, I'm in love with a tune (Dancers in the Dark 1932), Take A Number From One To Ten (with Jimmie Grier), The lyrics can frequently be found in the. The more analytical of the group know, even as they go through the paces, that they are dinosaurs: WASP preppies embarking on a world in which privileged pedigree no longer brings privilege. Lying flat on the ground, Klopstokia may have got out of debt, but its President isn't out of the water yet. The director, Eddie Cline, directed Fields' last three Universal movies and took over his scenes in You Can't Cheat an Honest Man.