I couldn't believe that something this tasty didn't wreck my calorie count! Had to use 1 teaspoon of olive oil - no pan spray! The rich, creamy dip is a fun appetizer for holiday gatherings. The fact that it's also healthy is just an added bonus for us all. Precautions When Cooking Imitation Crab Meat. After I made this, I had to go check the recipe to be sure I did it right. —Tanna Richard, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, We enjoyed this exquisite crab dip at my grandson's wedding reception. I am always looking for new ways to use imitation crab meat and this fits the bill deliciously!! —Sarah McClanahan, Raleigh, North Carolina, Seniors On Medicare Are Getting a Big Pay Day in 2020, Expert: “This credit card is so good I signed up personally”. —Marie Shelley, Exeter, Missouri, When we were growing up, my mother made an amazing pizza with shrimp and crab. This was great! We also served it over fetuccini, which was a perfect choice for this sauce. Whip up a batch of crab salad for those warm summer days, or a comforting crab … Since we are a "spicy" family, I added 1/2 cup of fresh chopped cilantro. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, With cayenne pepper and hot sauce (both optional), this delicious dip doubles up on the heat. Chock-full of crabmeat, this appetizer feels special, yet it only takes minutes to prepare. So I appreciate recipes like this one that are easy to assemble. 10,000 joined their Facebook group in hours. After we moved to Iowa, I went to work recreating it. Plus, it's one of the easiest sushi recipes to make! It's easily accessible and very affordable. Easy crab … It looks fancy but is easy to make. I also used 1/2 cup ff sour cream and 4 oz of ff philly cream cheese, and added 1/2 cup of diced green bell peppers. Canned corn and crab blend beautifully in the creamy colorful soup. 362 homemade recipes for imitation crab from the biggest global cooking community! We love them. This special dish is one of my husband's favorites. Serve over pasta of your choice. —Carol Forcum, Marion, Illinois, This tastes as good as any restaurant or store-bought California roll. I served it over steamed cauliflower and broccoli to help cut the carb count. :). This was easy and oh so tasty! —Mary Cokenour, Monticello, Utah. The post Our Best Recipes with Imitation Crabmeat appeared first on Taste of Home. For best results, do use the sushi rice to ensure the right sticky consistency. Saute onion until tender. Fish is abundant here in south Florida, and we like to get together with friends in the afternoon, so I often need to whip up a quick dinner when we get home. See recipes for Chinese Surimi (Imitation Crab) Casserole too. Just remove it from the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup 98% fat free. —Teri Rasey, Cadillac, Michigan, When I switched to a low-fat diet, I thought I'd never be able to eat crab cakes again. We entertain a lot, and luxurious crab fondue makes guests feel indulged. Think again! Now my kids ask for it, and the tradition continues. spray skillet with butter flavored spay. —Danielle Woodward, Colorado Springs, Colorado, If your gang loves sushi like mine does, they’ll enjoy this California-style dip of crab and nori. —Kristina Arrieta, Point Venture, Texas, No time to make a homemade soup? —Debbie Obert, Middleburg, Florida, I have six children and one grandchild, work full-time, and coach soccer and football. You'll be ladling out steamy bowls of this satisfying chowder in no time. Saute onion until tender. You can even fill the bread bowl early in the day and chill it until serving. But then I found this recipe. These imitation crab recipes are light, flaky and easy on the budget. Royal Caribbean is seeking volunteers for mock voyages. Extra measures should, therefore, be taken to … I made it today and will again. spray skillet with butter flavored spay. Crab Alfredo (imitation crab meat) calories. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, In California, we fell in love with a deli's seafood salad. For a Texas version, add avocado and jalapeno. This meat is very perishable and goes bad very quickly, just like most of the processed foods. Filling:, cream cheese softened, stuffing mix + 1/2 cup hot water, imitation crab meat, finely chopped green onions, garlic powder, parsley Chef Nena . Whisk in sour cream, Parmesan cheese, soup, milk, garlic powder and pepper until blended. Whisk in sour cream, Parmesan cheese, soup, milk, garlic powder and pepper until blended. Thank you GRANDMABETT1!!! This was great!!! A new family favourite. Yum! —Mary Tuthill, Fort Myers Beach, Florida, Chopped green onions and sweet red pepper bring a bit of color to this golden entree. Imitation crab, also known as surimi, is a fish paste formed into sticks that can be shredded for various crab dishes. The creamy filling features imitation crabmeat and Swiss cheese. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Cook and stir until heated through (do not boil).Stir in crab; heat through. 18 Imitation Crab Recipes. You could get stuffed salmon from a big-box store, but my fillets are loaded with flavor from crab, cream cheese and savory herbs. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, At least 1,500 nurses in the Philadelphia area may be on the verge of going on strike. Now I can enjoy these little patties of paradise…without any guilt! —Laura Letobar, Livonia, Michigan, These fillets are elegant enough for company but truly no trouble to make.