BUZZ! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Iva.Iva who?I’ve a sore hand from knocking! Noah who? Who's there? - we are constantly adding new jokes). Who's there? Knock Knock Religious Jokes - Knock Knock Jokes . Slow down. Oh come on, how many Michael Snifferpuppets do you know? It looks as though you’ve already said that. 37. Holly Who's there? Tissue Who? Your account was created. "I Cant Believe Its Not Buddha" Ferdie who? Knock, knock.Who’s there?Dozen.Dozen who?Dozen anybody want to let me in? 15. Knock Knock Spooky! Add a daily joke to your routine and make your day better! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Aida.Aida who?Aida sandwich for lunch today. 1. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Noah.Noah who?Noah good place we can go hang out? Knock, knock! Spooky-etti and meatballs is my favorite. Mu Ha who? All Rights Reserved. Get creative with our hilarious knock-knock jokes that everyone can laugh at. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Alex.Alex who?Alex-plain later! I need to use it! Noah! Holy Humor Sunday • Good Noise Blog • Online Store • Contact Us 'A cheerful heart is a good medicine' Proverbs 17:22. 101 Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Adults That Are So Bad They're Good. Uh, oh, Khan-dom broke! Your Mooooslim friend. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Europe.Europe who?No I’m not! 8. 97. Who's there? Spooky who? 62. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Knock, knock. Why are there no knock knock jokes about America? Knock, knock.Who’s there?Cher.Cher who?Cher would be nice if you opened the door! For Holy Humor Sunday, Rev. Allah these stars will guide us home. Iona who? Al! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Kirtch.Kirtch who?God bless you! Donut A Bourne again Christian thats who. Knock, knock Who’s there? Knock Knock Who's there! Holly-days are here again! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Leaf.Leaf who?Leaf me alone! And if you're looking to laugh even more, don't miss our roundup of the best dad jokes ever uttered. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Candice.Candice who?Candice snack be eaten? Ben! 93. Meet the New 2020 Miss USA and Her Court of 50. 14. Buddha who? The Best Actually Funny Knock Knock Jokes! Mary christmas and a Abby new year. We hope you enjoyed these silly knock knock jokes. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Iona.Iona who?Iona new toy! Jesus Christ, open the door. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. Cow Knock Knock Jokes. Heaven seen you in ages! Knock, knock. Dwayne the sink quickly before it overflows. Moo who? Who's there? 40. Avery merry Christmas! Because there's always Whos there! H. O. Even when they're awful, they're amazing, and they're all about surprise. Who’s there? Insult Jokes       Funny Riddles      Pirate Jokes       Knock Knock Jokes, Animal Jokes     Blonde Jokes        Golf Jokes         Job Jokes, Aussie Jokes      Brunette Jokes     Food Jokes        Kiwi Jokes, Pick Up Lines      Vegan Jokes        2020 Jokes         Name Jokes, Sexist Jokes      Covid-19 Jokes     Trump Jokes      Dad Jokes, Space Jokes       One Liner Jokes    Election Jokes, (Bookmark us! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Dozen.Dozen who?Dozen anyone want to let me in? Who's there? Inhale, Exhale and Repeat After Me! Holly who? Khan! Oakham © 2020 Galvanized Media. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Voodoo.Voodoo who?Voodoo you think you are? 33. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Amanda.Amanda who?A man da fix your door! Knock Knock! 32. 21. 45. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Woo.Woo who?Glad you’re excited, too! 88. Knock Knock. No silly! 55. Annie who? Dubai! Harry up, it’s cold outside! Who's there? Knock, knock.Who’s there?Alec.Alec who?Alectricity. Knock, knock.Who’s there?Arfur.Arfur who?Arfur got! Knock knock. 51. Noah who? Needle little help here opening the door. Wheel barrow 2 pairs of gardening gloves please. Thanks for signing up! Knock, knock.Who’s there?Annie.Annie who?Annie thing you can do, I can do too! Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! 69. There was an error in your submission. Queen who?