7S Sweden SM Sometimes the prefix plus separating numeral is together referred to as the prefix. 2E England G For example, my call sign VE2DPE was taken from the block of prefixes VAA-VGZ allocated to Canada by the ITU. will transmit 1,200 bps BPSK telemetry every 60 seconds on 435.300 MHz. JD 7J Ogasawara Is J5 Guinea-Bissau XJ-XO Canada VE SV0 Non-nationals in Greece or on Greek Is SV SV5 SV9, T2 Tuvalu See "Attachment 2" of the PDF document for list of "Q" codes.Click here to download (PDF document 3.43 MB). Therefore, VE2DPE is … The R-S-T report is explained on pages 23-24. 6K 6L Republic of Korea HL FK New Caledonia For example, the call sign 9XB954 was issued in Rwanda in 2016. BV Taiwan In every case (Bahamas being an exception), a jurisdiction assigned a letter-digit prefix by the ITU will have a second digit as their internally assigned prefix/suffix separator. If you have a question, a comment or a topic you would like me to cover, please do not hesitate to ask here. CW - for continuous wave signal) will often get through when voice communication is not possible due to noise and static. Other secondary operating suffixes can be attached such as /P (for portable operation), /M (for mobile operation), /AM (aeronautical mobile), /MM (maritime mobile), or /A (for operation from an alternative location that is registered with the licensing authorities). usually for a special event, the prefix is always a single letter character, as is the suffix. AM-AO Spain including overseas Territories and Islands EA 6 8 9 HK HJ Colombia Various "special event" callsigns are issued for periods ranging from a day to a month, either for individual radio contest days or commemoration of specific current or historic events. (World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), Geneva, Switzerland, 2–27 November 2015), World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07), Geneva, Switzerland, 22 October – 16 November 2007, World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), Geneva, Switzerland, 2–27 November 2015, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Netherlands (Kingdom of the) – Netherlands Antilles, São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of), China (People's Republic of) – Hong Kong, World Radiocommunication Conference 2007 (WRC-07), Geneva, Switzerland, 22 October-16 November 2007, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of), World Radiocommunication Conference 2003 (WRC-03), Geneva, Switzerland, 9 June-4 July 2003, International Civil Aviation Organization, Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of), denotes operator in his/her own call area operating away from primary location, denotes operator in his/her own call area or country operating away from primary location, operator in another call area operating away from primary location, but within national boundary, operator in another call area operating away from primary location, but outside of national boundary, operator in another country than that of the primary location, operator in a mobile setting (e.g. CP Bolivia In addition to the ham radio call sign, here are a few examples of acronyms part of the ham radio alphabet "soup":-). E7 Bosnia-Herzegovina (was T9) The USS Batfish, a museum ship in Muskogee, Oklahoma, has callsign WW2SUB; the USS Oklahoma is commemorated as WW2OK. FR——/T Tromelin I. I am preparing a list of acronyms that are directly or indirectly related to ham radio.Subscribe to this siteto be alerted as soon as I publish it. 9H Malta VP8 CE9 CX0 ED0 South Shetland Is Bahamas issues call signs without a separating numeral. In English, it is 9U Burundi will hear on the ham radio bands (assuming you can "read" morse code J7 Dominica Thank you! PY0S St Peter and St Paul Rocks prefix can be letter-letter, letter-digit, or digit-letter. A call sign composed of a letter, two digits, and one-letter is always a 2x1 call sign, meaning it has a letter-digit prefix and a single-letter suffix. AT India VU None of the B, F, G, I, K, M, N, R, and W ranges are issued with a numeral as a second character, so the first digit in a call in those ranges is always the separating numeral. Ireland also takes advantage of the ITU standard to allow digits as suffix-characters. The R-S-T report is explained on pages 23-24. FW Wallis and Futuna Is For instance an amateur from Queensland, Australia, operating in Tasmania can sign as VK4xxx/7 or VK4xxx/VK7. HB Switzerland Q codes). JW Svalbard 2I Northern Ireland GI S9 Sao Tome and Principe four-character suffix (or more) assigned by some countries (e.g. _    _ . YV YW-YY Venezuela However, both allow a second numeral as the leading character of the suffix and is not to be confused with the sign's separating numeral. VY1 Yukon Territory VE 9M0 BV9S 1S DU Spratly Archipelago (PDF document 3.43 MB). CO Cuba OK OL Czech Republic NP1-NP5 US Caribbean Islands KP1-KP5, OA OB OC Peru VE, W WA-WG WI-WK USA 9W Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak) 9M2 8 Letter combinations which can be confused with distress calls or which are reserved as abbreviations for radiocommunications services are excluded (e.g. Each national authority has some options in relation to the form of the prefix, as long as enough characters are selected starting from the left of their assigned block to produce a prefix unique to its jurisdiction. Ham Radio DX Callsign Prefixes Prefix Country Prefix Country 1A SMO Malta (Eu) 1S, 9M0 Spratly Is (As) 3A Monaco (Eu) 3B6, 3B7 St Brandon (Af) 3B8 Mauritius (Af) 3B9 Rodriguez Is (Af) 3C Equatorial Guinea (Af) 3C0 Pagalu (Af) HK0 Malpelo I. HK0 HJ0 San Andres and Providencia LY Lithuania CE0 San Felix and San Ambrosio Is S59DSC or 2S4LGR – PPNSSS), the first digit is almost always a prefix character (e.g. 3B9 Rodriguez I. T6 Afghanistan YA OJ0 OF0M OH0M Market Reef Choose Type above to change the type of search. LZ Bulgaria, M MX England G VK9L Lord Howe I. ON OO-OT Belgium 5Y 5Z Kenya, 6C Syria YK Each country's regulating agency will, in turn, allocate a unique call sign to each newly licensed ham radio operator. TA Turkey SV—/A Mount Athos JX Jan Mayen An Amateur Extra might have W0OL (which is a "1 x 2" call), but a General-class licensee could not, because 1 x 2 calls are reserved for the Amateur Extra class. Each letter, number and punctuation mark has its specific code, a Likewise, a ham on the mainland could not get a callsign beginning with the KH6 prefix, which is assigned to Hawaii, although a radio amateur who moves to a different call sign district within the same country is able to keep his or her original callsign. TK Corsica As noted above, beginning in 1977 this was generally the practice in the United States, and many operators holding the highest class license took 2x1 or 1x2 calls. IS0 IM0 Sardinia 7P Lesotho This is not necessarily always the amateur's country of citizenship. ;[37] The Battleship USS Missouri has the call sign KH6BB; VO1MCE the callsign of the Irish Loop Amateur Radio Club at the Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre in Newfoundland, commemorates Cape Race Marconi station MCE as the first point of radio contact in the New World for Titanic.