Instead of assuming they’ve become mean or don’t care about your relationship anymore, consider that they might be overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities (and remember that you’ve probably been in the same boat at times).

And don’t be afraid to be the one who reaches out; we all have either been part of, or known pairs of friends who’ve stopped speaking for months, because neither individual would come forward to admit fault.

Here's how you can bring down the curtain on the overly dramatic people…, As we age, good friends seem harder to come by than they were in high school.

If it happens in a friendship, in yours, don’t get discouraged right away.

Say something like “You’re such a great friend. These questions might include: Time and compatibility are two major drivers that help us figure out which friends to keep in our lives. She simply shows warmth in other ways, often bringing me books she thinks I will love, picking up my favorite tea, or sitting to talk with me for hours when she suspects I’m not feeling my best. Variety is the spice to life and all that. Check out that local lecture on modern literature or sign up for a sushi-making class. This may turn them off and that will stop your friendship from going further.

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A true friend will admire you for your strengths and understand you for your flaws.

Your friends will appreciate your more if you’re able to speak up your mind. God bless you for this masterpiece ☺️.

Step 1, Talk at least once per week.

She wasn’t truly considering her friend’s feelings when planning an act of acknowledgment. One woman shares what changed in her relationships with friends….

Being honest and straightforward without being cynical is perhaps the most important quality of a good friend. Likewise, let your friend know your couch is always available. Keep an open mind as you work to repair the friendship, and hopefully your friend will come around in time. Make sure you don’t do anything like this if you want to maintain your friendship.

Yet, like any human relationship, even the closest of friendships can unravel in moments of weakness. You can keep your friends forever through regular communication and visits and by having each other's backs.

A woman I know used to plan over-the-top birthday parties for her best friend. We are all sure to mess up at times, but when we do, we have to set pride aside and repair the situation. By the time we come home from a long day of work and errands, we may have little energy left for a catch-up session. It’s not something you do as a chore.