if ( 1 > availableSpace ) { Many gardeners in the U.S. consider it a weed, but Cypriots use it to make refreshing salads. maxWidth = 268; (+49) 5971 92161-0. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { These healthy braised greens are a flavorful side to add to your plate. The intense blend of spices in these cookies is a tip of the hat to Venice's history as a conduit for the spice trade between Europe and the Far East. Topping with a dollop of yogurt adds a hint of creaminess. This crisp blend of vegetables is offered as a topping or side at Zooba, the Egyptian street food restaurant in New York City. You don't have to be Irish to appreciate Bobby's crisp, cheesy hash browns. Purslane is a nutrient-packed green with a bright, lemony flavor and delicate crunch. Serve with crudités and pita. If it isn't growing in your own yard, try calling a local vegetable farmer, who might be pleased to give some away, or you can order it from melissas.com or chefs-garden.com. The Dutch, in SoHo, specializes in "roots" cooking: what Grandma cooked. fjs = d.getElementsByTagName( s )[0]; Make it for Rosh Hashana or any other fall holiday or occasion. ), The Arabic word taameya translates to "tasty little bits." Cooked with eggs and potatoes, it's a simple scramble that's often served as one of several small plates at dinner. If you prefer, instead of the croutons, you can add potatoes to the pan with the leeks, onions and fennel and cook for about 10 minutes before adding the greens. Top with fried eggs and a salad and it becomes a meal. We found a large skillet works too. Copyright © 2019 European Business. Either way, they represent some of the best bets for any European … Others, like Lithuanian dumplings or stewed rabbit from Malta, may be new to you. Juniper berries add a woodsy essence. return; https://www.cookstr.com/Ethnic-Food/Old-World-European-Recipes if ( d.getElementById( id ) ) { } js.id = id; FB.XFBML.parse(); Balti, a stew created by Pakistani chefs in Birmingham, England, is named after the metal pot it's cooked in. Some are iconic dishes you'll probably recognize, like moussaka from Greece or pot-au-feu from France. A little mustard deepens the flavor. You can find wild asparagus in the U.S. as well; otherwise, shop for stalks that are as young and tender as possible. js = d.createElement( s ); Cinnamon and sweet-tart Granny Smith apples make for a fragrant cake, while orange juice in the batter adds a sweet, fresh touch. Emeril warms up on a cold Frisco day with an Irish coffee at the 'BV. Spring brings a lush carpet of blooms to the hills of Cyprus and sends food-loving foragers out hunting for wild asparagus. On Crete, chickpeas are commonly flavored with Seville orange, a pleasingly bitter variety grown locally. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. var availableSpace = jQuery( '.facebook-like-widget-2' ).width(), Find healthy, delicious European recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. For this healthy salad artichokes are sliced thin--a great use for a mandolin if you have one--and served raw. Alfons Schuhbeck beer Black salsify chips cheese Christian Rach Coffee coffee culture convenience food cook cooking cooking pasta Cornelia Poletto Dutch ePaper Food storage France Germany herbs innovation Italian Wrap Mario Kotaska meat Michelin-star mistakes when cooking pasta organic packaging Pantry Pasta Pasta sauce recipe … ( function( d, s, id ) { availableSpace = maxWidth;