When are some writer gonna understand that LGBT relationships are just as important as straight ones and deserves the time to be explored. ("Ruby Slippers"), Years later, in Oz, Dorothy is walking in the woods with her dog Toto, who rushes off and begins barking at two strange women. That is, until a stranger arrives in Storybrooke. A stranger she'd never met but who she recognised instantly. And my heart melted when they kissed ♡, HOLY SHIT Just as their fingertips touch, slowly she falls back like some force has pushed her down. Dark brown Hookfire.

One of two women, Ruby, tells her that she is a werewolf, and attempts to pet Toto, scaring the dog into running off. I don’t usually get all fan-girly but OMG Ruby and Dorothy are too damn cute. Dorothy kissed Ruby, returning her true love's kiss and sealing a bond that would last a lifetime. In comparison to the heteronormative couples on the show. Nothing was ever confirmed so either as likely as is nothing at all. So you'd think she would be alone? Reblog. Instead, Dorothy sneaks off to put Zelena to sleep, because she fears losing Ruby, who she has fallen in love with. Zelena x Ruby is a bizarre idea because Zelena is a perpetual loner and straight. Just another of my two-part one-shots featuring two of my favored OUAT couples. normal?

Mais, à sa grande surprise, Éléonora va rapidement découvrir qu'il n'en est rien. Henry is staying the night with his grandparents. Fem!Neal. 3.

*** Ruby is sick from seeing everyone around her finding true love.

Um, yeah, I’m writing this, so duh – it’s all love all the time. The war had raged on for many years, the people of Misthaven would say too many, and there was only one way to end it, only one way to quiet talks of rebellion. Lightning cracks followed by a roar of thunder. Sorry to get snippity, but I'm typing as I read, lol. Regina to be happy Emily Brown † (aunt) 3 - What Ruby told Mulan by the end of 5x09 gave us a hint that they would end up together (why don't you come with me?

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I don't own Once upon a time or the characters. However, when the pair return to Storybrooke, they discover the town, and their lovers, have all moved on! UA de L'histoire inconnue] : "Elle se fout en l'air... Elle se fout en l'air, pour oublier qu'elle n'est plus rien..." Éléonora Cassidy ne rencontre jamais Johanne, et l'enfer commence. Now it times to go back home. Dorothy is beautiful, wise and oh so free.How can someone so different make you feel so equal? I think it makes far more sense for the couple to be Dorothy and Mulan, than Dorothy and Red, but we can just discuss that on the 518 thread. NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY MY HAPPINESS AT THIS EXACT MOMENT. https://www.amazon.com/dorothy-ruby-slippers/s?k=dorothy+ruby+slippers Piercing green eyes glint back at her, questioning. But it’s too late.

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