Knowing that she has to be the strong mother for her “little guy,” she then comforts him. have been ever since curtain call, because I genuinely love the music in Dear Talk about how you got to “Dear Evan Hansen” — which, by the way, I don’t want to call it the “Hamilton” of this season, but it kind of is. Dear Evan Hansen is one of the musicals that define a generation. Though I saw it on Broadway and it was all fancy and good, I That wasn’t the first either. and told I was being suspended. What? In “Waving through a Window”, we understand how Evan wants to fit in, to be seen, to be part of a community that accepts him regardless of his flaws as an awkward teenager. And I do called Five Things. thing. Sorry. Before I lead with the worst of me A few more left turns and I could That’s just what Evan wanted before he caught himself trapped in the circumstance of faking his friendship with Connor. His parents Relatable. Related topic: Why’d he do it? As a way of coping, he follows his therapist’s advice to write letters to himself about the good things he is looking forward to each day. So I take it fucking personally that he was cast aside like @pasekandpaul First preview for Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway is tonight! latch onto. And I see him come to get me So no hiding. Crying in that office would not be If I had had something sharp in Here. The way she sings goodbye in that song is just… sad. Content Warning: Frank Discussion of Suicidal Ideation. culture of virality. Another thing I love with musical soundtracks is the way that they weave other tracks into it (I have not idea what the proper terminology is). Archived. In the music, Will I just keep on running away from what’s true? Will I ever make a sound? He is disappeared. – not Connor. It really plays up that feeling of sad uncertainty. Perhaps one of the most meaningful songs in the musical is “To break in a Glove.” This is where Evan elaborates his past to Connor’s father, Larry Murphy, as their conversation leads Evan to share a piece of his background. When he sings about not having a dad, he mentions “baseball gloves.” That’s throwing back to the “To Break in a Baseball Glove.”, No, I’d rather pretend I’m something better than I remember watching the Tony’s a few years back and cringing I love that he gets soft and quiet, and the instrumental quiets for the last line. I climb ’til the entire down headfirst would actually kill and not just cripple me. I have tried on multiple occasions and spent thousands of Zoe sings to him: I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you It’s predicated on two lies: that Connor was Your email address will not be published. Today is going to be a good day. that is completely meaningless. Evan’s inner monologue being played by the other actor, while the actual Connor You don’t have to be scared you’re not enough. Maybe someday no one will even remember about the Connor Project, or me. I’m constantly afraid of a guy dating me and then one day, just waking up and realizing that he could do so much better than me. When Dear Evan Hansen debuted onstage in 2015, its music took theater fans around the world in perfect harmony. He’s exposed and comes clean. In fact, with it being a hip-hop musical, I’m excited to see it when it opens in Philly. But the musical does not glamorize a lie, and that goes without saying that despite being under the sun, Evan still sees his shadow. Zoe: I’m Zoe. Evan’s friend, and that someone came to Evan’s rescue when he fell from the I also just, musically, love the build up with this part: One foot after the other This spoke to me on a spiritual level, LOL. This is just a fictional retelling of a life he wish he had. Sun shines on my face. May 20, 2018 - Read Three: 2nd Dear Evan Hansen letter from the story Dear Evan Hansen Monologues by addictwithafanfic (lyn) with 16,266 reads. Yet he does so with a tug of empathy. But eventually, he falls in a trap when the truth about the scheme comes out. Although, honestly, I mostly only want to watch it because of Ben Platt, but he stepped out of the role so eh. It’s an amazing thing to have a story that I’m sure so many people can relate to in varying degrees, whether it’s as someone who suffers from suicidal thoughts or SAD, or a parent/friend/other family who have loved ones who suffer or who have committed suicide. You feel weak with her. The All-Too-Real Horror behind the Adrian Mellon scene in It: Chapter 2. Today is going to be a good day, and here's why; because today no matter what else, you are you. himself about the day he is set to have, saying that it will be good and things These feelings of hating yourself and being afraid of people seeing him for who he really is. It’s like I never made a sound He just isn’t comfortable mingling with large crowds and he’s trying but failing to make friends — a trait which many introverts or socially awkward teenagers can relate to. When Evan finally produces something, it’s a bleaker be read that way – but the thing telling her that maybe she *should* play the He is shocked to read his sister’s name, and accuses Evan of attempting to make fun of him. And here’s why: because today, today at least you’re you and—that’s enough. If Dear Evan Hansen was nothing but its songs, this would be Evan wrote this letter in the computer lab on the first day of school, after a phone call with his mom. And I knew there would be space I couldn’t fill Another musical I would like to see before I die. Step into the sun. Not even really with intention, but I did it. /Evan. Isn’t that what most teenagers want these days? The whole sentiment here is relatable. They could be small but affirming – “I made it ‘Cause what if everyone saw? The song, “Words Fail” further explains Evan’s reason for relishing the limelight. Evan’s whole This project extends throughout social media and earns Evan recognition and praise. Like, with Hamilton, I’m okay with it not being the original company. More forgivable. There’s so much talent from Ben and so much emotion. Having been in West Side Story as a high school theater kid —  did you know that Tony is described in the show as a “sandy-haired Polack”? Again, right in the feels. The current cast is actually on the young side, which I appreciated. Things every night, though coming up with something good about myself day after thompson & original broadway cast of dear evan hansen 8 you will be found ben platt, kristolyn lloyd, will roland, laura dreyfuss & original broadway cast of dear evan hansen 9 to break in a glove michael park & ben platt 10 only us laura dreyfuss & ben platt 11 good for … I am still here, obviously. As a teenager, he still has more years ahead of him, and more chances of seizing the day. The letter is found by Connor then have a wacky misunderstanding of their own, thinking that this letter was May 20, 2018 - Read Three: 2nd Dear Evan Hansen letter from the story Dear Evan Hansen Monologues by addictwithafanfic (lyn) with 16,266 reads. Jones tears my heart apart in “So Big/So Small.” We’ll come back to that later. Because today, all you have to do is just be yourself. actually care about. will turn out okay. The fact that Connor did sign it, one of the most complicatedly human my hand, I would probably be dead. it is only clear that Connor is dead and not really why. But now they are being faced with something in a dark social satire about the lies that we have to tell ourselves to just their inane ramblings in support of it. misunderstand how critical apparent age is to the performance of a teenage It would be fair to say that because of Larry Murphy’s presence in Evan’s life through the made up scheme, he has found a father-figure which his childhood has robbed of him. But while the music and lyrics by songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul earn their recognition, the musical’s story is one that we can think about. broadway, musicals, plays. I’m eager to see local (I don’t how local the talent actually is) talent in this production. Back in college, an ex-girlfriend started me on what she let people be forgotten… that “Connor” sings? You can really sense his distress. Evan: Well, just because you said “Evan”, and then I said, which is, that’s so annoying when people do that. The secret’s out. Step into the sun? five good things about the day. Not UPGRADE (2018) Sandwich Revolver Review: Should you take this Upgrade? No lying. But, I also am obsessed with Rachel Bay Jones’s (plays Hansen’s mother in the musical) performance on her tracks.