Management is defined as the process of controlling people or things and ensuring that they function as intended and within established parameters. They will develop strategies to handle different financial costs found within the company. They work more on the developmental side of business and will use software to build strategies to grow a business. They may often learn about how businesses are run, how they operate, how to develop growth strategies and how to market a business. It seems like every self-help book and morning show guru has been talking about the importance of work-life balance. Many will work with the HR team, sales team and marketing team to ensure tasks are being completed and goals are met. Earning either a business management or business administration degree creates opportunities in a wide range of careers. Here are the job titles people with a business administration degree may hold. They analyze different target audiences and strategize how to sell to them. This specialization focuses on the structure of the organization. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Active Listening Skills: Definition and Examples. They are also in charge of an employee’s tax forms, payroll documents and personal information. Business administration and management both contain important qualities that can lead you to different career paths. Primary duties: An operations manager oversees different departments within the company. Business administration focuses on keeping a business running smoothly and efficiently in all aspects, from finance and marketing to strategic planning. As our country begins the next decade, the business students of today will transform into the business innovators of tomorrow. Although some people use the terms “administration” and “management” interchangeably, they refer to two different concepts. The difference between your choice of business management or business administration degree influences not only the courses you take but also the roles, responsibilities and functions in your overall career. They often dedicate their work to one department within the business field rather than managing and overseeing several teams within the business department. This guide can help you understand what business administration and management are as well as what career is best suited for each business category. The business administration is broader and usually covers management. Managers keep things running smoothly, and when problems arise, find ways to solve them. Think about the last time you were introduced to a new idea that did not align with your view of the world or belief system. Primary duties: A financial reporting manager works heavily with the legal and financial teams. Understanding these concepts is important not only when choosing a program of study in business school – many offer degrees in both business management and business administration – but also when looking for a job. Every company has multiple layers of responsibility. They help encourage company engagement and will develop different budget and financial plans. Leadership skills and interpersonal relationship awareness are crucial for success in this specialty. Business management professionals manage personnel matters and are responsible for managing teams. This includes human resources, communication studies, ethics and management courses. Business management is similar to business administration. They will learn and develop the skills needed to manage people and lead a department. Many accountants are analytical, data-driven and hold strong organizational skills. Primary duties: Human resources specialists are primarily in charge of potential and current employees. As you search for careers in business, you may find similar job titles and descriptions. The Best 50 U.S. Cities for MBAs & Business Graduates, Work-Life Balance Stats Among Business Professionals, 3 Ways to Embrace Uncertainty in Business, 3300 West Camelback Road - Phoenix, AZ 85017, Criminal Justice, Government & Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Upon graduation, this student may pursue an accounting role. Many should know how to conduct basic team-working abilities and may collaborate with executive-level employees to make impactful decisions for the company. They will also track and analyze data involving future or past financial decisions. Many will also work with current employees to build company culture and engagement. However, this specialization tends to take a broader view of the company, with an emphasis on the human element. If you would like to pursue a career at a for-profit company, or perhaps start your own business selling products or services, you can build a foundation for future success by earning a degree related to the field. Before you choose the major that’s right for you, consider talking to an academic advisor to ensure you fully understand what the curriculum involves and which jobs you might pursue upon graduation. Maryville University: Comparing Business Management and Business Administration Degrees, King University Online: The Difference Between Business Administration and Business Management, All Business Schools: Business Administration Career Quick Facts. Related: How to Become a Successful Team Leader. Many business professionals will expect business managers to operate both leadership and day-to-day business tasks and duties. Unlike business management, which tends to be more theoretical, business administration focuses on practical applications that lead to a specific career. The author of Graduate! Part of the confusion related to business administration vs. business management stems from the fact that both programs include the same set of core principles. These are different areas of functionality. She's also been quoted as a career expert in many newspapers and magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Parade. They recruit employees they see as the best fit for the company and may conduct phone screenings or interviews. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, you may decide to further enhance your qualifications for high-level positions by earning a graduate degree. Below are the following careers you can pursue after receiving a degree in business management. Business management refers to the supervision of other people. You may evaluate different styles of leadership, including the concept of servant leadership and how it supports accountability in management. Students in either discipline may study economics, ethics, business communication, finance, accounting and other business topics before moving on to more specialized coursework. The difference between Business Management and Business Administration may not matter much in the aspect of a small business. Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements. She has a B.A. For example, studying business administration often leads to roles in accounting, finance or marketing, where you’re involved in the nuts-and-bolts tasks required to maintain operations. They will often create strategies to enhance the sales team’s efficiency and will act as a team mentor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that some entry-level roles for business administration graduates, such as financial examiners or accountants, can easily reach six figures, even before you earn a master’s degree. They can do this by conducting studies and measuring the overall performance analytics of leadership. Once they have a grasp on the different business roles, they will select one and declare it as their area of study. Graduates with a BS in Business Management can choose from a diverse range of opportunities to pursue. The terms “business administration” and “business management” are often used interchangeably. National average salary: $52,867 per year. For example, a student may major in business administration and choose accounting as their specialty. It is the ultimate goal of a business administration professional to make the company operate more efficiently and effectively. We share information about your use of this site with our social media, advertising and analytics teams who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them. Think about a time when a... Business Administration vs. Business Management: What’s the Difference? Some possibilities include the following: You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree or Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree, both offered by the well-respected Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University. Those who go into this field tend to be interested in working with people and in using their communication and interpersonal skills to contribute to business operations. Students who are pursuing a business administration degree will explore leadership and management topics. Related: The Best Business Related Degrees for Your Field. There is a diverse spectrum of possibilities, including the following: Note that some career choices may require additional training or certification. These useful active listening examples will help address these questions and more. In addition to studying specialties within the business field, business management students will also study subjects that will help increase their leadership skills. Everything You Need to Succeed After College (Capital Books), which covers everything from career and financial advice to furnishing your first apartment, her work has also appeared in Young Money, Lewiston Auburn Magazine, USA Today, and a variety of online outlets. Operations managers ensure their employees are given the resources needed to succeed. They may often create manuals to help outline and document the overall procedures to complete as an effective manager. Salaries vary widely, although business administration graduates tend to have an edge at entry-level positions. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Business Administration vs. Business Management: What’s the Difference? Primary duties: Management analysts will work with supervisors and company leadership to determine how they can best accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Business administration focuses on the specific titles and job responsibilities within the business department. Financial reporting managers will analyze financial documents and will decide if a specific cost is beneficial to the company. You can earn your MBA online at GCU, with multiple specializations available. Financial reporting managers are often data-driven, critical thinkers and are well-organized. Business administration focuses on keeping a business running smoothly and efficiently in all aspects, from finance and marketing to strategic planning. They will train, challenge and motivate employees to meet quotas, engage with potential customers and will provide assistance on any sales challenges. National average salary: $103,315 per year. For example, you may explore how managers in diverse, global organizations can apply effective interpersonal skills and communication techniques. However, the focus will be on the human element of business and organizational management. June 10, 2020 in [ Business & Management ] If you would like to pursue a career at a for-profit company, or perhaps start your own business selling products or services, you can build a foundation for future success by earning a degree related to the field.