He just wanted to make a quick, cool million bucks.

He “never stood taller than five feet, six inches tall” (Padgett 1). If you find papers matching your topic, you may use them only as an example of work. When Alex Vander, the singularly repulsive protagonist of Shroud, receives a letter from the young woman Cass Cleave, he fears that she aims to betray him.

Compared with Medea – with anyone, really – Mr Stevens, the narrator of The Remains of the Day, is restrained. Betrayals, small and large, run through her short stories as steadily as the Maitland river in her native Ontario.

The whole Roman senate rose up to assassinate Caesar in Shakespeare’s political tragedy, but it was Brutus’ knife that cut the deepest —because in addition to doing serious damage to Caesar’s epidermis and internal organs, it also really hurt his feelings. Gollum, The Lord of the Rings

Spies are betrayers by profession. Whether for love, for money, or just for the fun of it, hideous betrayal never fails to make for a compelling story. The theme of death in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, therefore, has an influence on the lives of living human beings (Bloom 45).

You may not submit downloaded papers as your own, that is cheating. The good news is, Edmund ultimately redeemed himself to become a crowned King of Narnia and a wise, just ruler, along with the rest of the Pevensies.

"King Lear" shines a light on justice, reconciliation, madness, and betrayal as themes.

But for sheer scale of consequences, Dennis Nedry is one helluva turncoat; even Benedict Arnold fell short of unleashing a horde of hungry velociraptors on an unsuspecting public in the process of changing sides. By the time she gets her comeuppance in the form of exile and a ruined face, she has betrayed basically every major character in the book—sometimes more than once.

Discuss the problems faced by independent African countries as illustrated in Francis Imbuga's Betrayal in the City.

She claims not to remember anything of her conversations with the Stasi agents. Betrayal recurs throughout Greek mythology but its consequences are rarely as furious and devastating as in Euripides’ famous revenge tragedy. Whether for love, for money, or just for the fun of it, hideous betrayal never fails to make for a compelling story.

Anna Francolini as Jean Brodie in Jay Presson Allen’s adaptation of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. The marital friction between Jason and Medea is portrayed with great psychological insight and irony, which makes this tragedy seem utterly modern, as does its treatment of the themes of gender and “otherness”. Olds sometimes talks about the poet’s “spectrum of loyalty and betrayal”, where loyalty is total silence, refraining from telling the truth, and betrayal is full exposure of the personal lives of friends, family and self. Munro always writes unflinchingly about life. | $9.99.

If not for this son-of-a-blast-ended-skrewt, James and Lily Potter would still be alive—along with Cedric Diggory and all the many wizards who lost their lives during the second coming of the Dark Lord.

He then traveled to France with this force, though, when they reached France, the war had ended. The ultimate salvation and expression of a woman lie in providing mental support to the ever so creative man, they went on convincing young, aspiring young women. Patrick ’s betrayal of his marriage drives the rest of the story’s plot, leading to both his wife’s betrayal and that of his colleagues.

Rude.) $13.00. In contrast to other writers of his generation, Tolstoy was connected with noble families of the Russian aristocracy, who had brilliant French pronunciation and manners.

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Butler at Darlington Hall, the poised Mr Stevens decides to visit his old colleague of 20 years’ standing, Miss Kenton.

Poor, pathetic Gollum battled his demons all the way to Mordor, but his heart always belonged to the One Ring—aka his preciousssssss.

Betrayal seeps through literature like a dark stain; betrayal of love and friendship, of a vision or an illusion; betrayal of others and of one’s own nature and ambitions. Dennis Nedry, Jurassic Park

So, from early centuries, fictions have been a great medium to imprint one’s life as well as to see and read one’s life. $9.89

Hence, the ghastly moment when he stopped leading the heroic Frodo toward Mount Doom, and started luring him into the lair of a giant, Hobbit-eating spider. Below, we’ve rounded up the ten biggest traitors on the page.

Bad, naughty Wickham made a play for the honor of Darcy’s sister, shamelessly flirted with half the Bennett daughters, and nearly brought the family to ruin when he seduced Lydia into eloping with him when he abandoned his military post.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Lamb to the Slaughter, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The quality of restraint, along with dignity and loyalty, is part of the idea of “greatness” by which Mr Stevens has always lived.

Wolf is a superb writer and she leaves no illusions intact after her self-examination.

Paperback After the war she found herself in East Germany, where she became a Communist party official. Following the breakdown of monastic institutions and scholasticism in late medieval Europe and the failure of conciliar reform, the sixteenth century saw the fermenting of a great cultural debate about religious reforms and later about fundamental religious values. It is different in tort cases, in which the plaintiff, whose more popular assignation now is “claimant,” is the victim of the alleged wrong.

Steinbeck’s novel inspired by the story of Cain and Abel is packed end-to-end with double-crossings and back-stabbings by three generations of perpetrators. $15.99 Spark’s superb wry humour and elegant phrasing carry this otherwise rather sinister tale of Brodie’s manipulation of her special girls - her créme de la crème – and her pupil Sandy’s betrayal. Both literary works manage to shock and stupefy readers with catching plots and unexpected finals, underlining the prosaicness of betrayal and instability of people’s faithfulness. Many guises ... Stephen Rea as Henry Miles (left) and Ralph Fiennes as his treacherous friend Maurice Bendrix in the 1999 film of The End of the Affair. Written during the postwar austerity era, but set in wartime London, the narrative is loosely based on Greene’s affair with Lady Catherine Walston. It means that the biggest part of vital issues is concentrated in person’s hands. ... the boundary between the person and his world. Edmund Pevensie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

This is an extraordinary, dark and screwed-up novel about identity, deception and self that left me uncertain as to who and what had actually been betrayed. Paperback

This act is unthinkable today, perhaps, but sadly not unheard of.

But the novel ends with the elderly butler realising how the beliefs that have sustained him have also betrayed him.

When Leo was nine he became an orphan. Stag’s Leap is an account of divorce after her husband has left her for another woman. Paperback

Therefore the most valuable piece of advice is to get familiar and at least try to get prepared for the possible crashes of life learning by examples of literary heroes and situations, which represent vivid picture of human’s troubles. (Bonus extra traitor credit: Mondego not only sold Dantès up the river, he married the man’s fiancé to boot. $8.99 “Loyal dissident”, writer and literary critic Christa Wolf grew up in Nazi Germany and, as a child, was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, the female version of the Hitler Youth. (“The theme of Betrayal in Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.), (The Theme of Betrayal in Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words).

“All my life I have lied. Out of the book’s many betrayals, the moment when Charles Trask drugs his brother Adam and takes his wife to bed is a standout for sheer soullessness.

| $20.00. The narrative follows John Ball, a private in a Welsh-English rifle regiment, and climaxes with a mesmerising account of the assault on Mametz Wood on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Here is an example of what I'm looking for.

| $10.99.

Paperback Le Carré manages to convey this complexity of deception in many of his characters, often forced by circumstance to act callously, but The Spy Who Came in From the Cold is, in my view, his best book. What sets this account of the senseless slaughter of young men apart is the deep sympathy with which it scans the waste of war.

This is the place she herself got away from, leaving home and family behind.


Today a big variety of songs, movies and books are made by the general motto, which proclaims that life is beautiful. These poems are personal, full of sorrow and memories of sex, love, and everyday life and deceit. Allusions to English and Welsh mythology weave in and out of the long tedium and explosive terror of trench warfare.


Et tu, Brute?

You never know where you are going to fall or fly. This is 100% legal. It is part of the human condition and although often seen as showing weakness of character, the kind of fanatic strength derived from love, or blind faith, may also lead to betrayal.

Writers of the seventeenth century harvested the fruits of the religious revolution and the bitter religious conflicts of the sixteenth century. In his 1961 introduction to In Parenthesis (first published in 1937), TS Eliot called this collage of poetry and prose a “work of genius”.

The Kite Runner How would you describe the theme of betrayal, in one full thematic sentence as it relates to the novel?

It was in many ways a substitute for Commonwealth literature (referring to the loose political entity created after the British empire ended), though it basically maintained the same shape. Paperback Any account of the first world war can be read as a testament of humanity betrayed. Not looking for examples of betrayal in the novel.