Roastery & Tasting Room: 6 Brussels St., Worcester // Café: 932 A Main St., Worcester, Where to find them: Stop by their walk-up coffee bar in Boston’s Leather District for an espresso and a chat about coffee. And they can be roasted anywhere, so why not right here? And when it comes to coffee, freshness really does make a big difference. Roastery & Café: 108 Lincoln St., Boston,, What makes them unique? Struck With Memory Loss, A Dancer Remembers 'Swan Lake.' Set up right in downtown Portsmouth, N.H., this cafe and roasterie offers an unbeatable sidewalk spot for your caffeine indulgence. They typically roast between 30 and 60 pounds at a time, depending on the coffee, and feature coffees from 20+ different regions and/or countries of origin. They’re also developing their cupping lab and training and tech support teams to better serve retail stores and a handful of wholesale customers. Slated to open in September, this location will be feature a robust café as well as coffee tastings and tours of the roastery. Each variety of bean requires a different roast time and our experienced roasters use smell and sight to determine when the desired roast has been achieved. What’s next? They … 100 Years of Great Coffee and Extraordinary People. They offer a combination of single origin coffees and blends. Adept at making specialty blends for local restaurants and B&Bs, they’re all about using their roasterie to support small business. Shop & Learn: Speedwell's coffee descriptions double duty as coffee education, and make it hard to choose which one to try. Roastery: 502 Sprague St., Dedham, I want it to be the freshest coffee the customer has ever had.". "With a young, international and open-minded audience, it’s easier to do something different and be accepted." Just 14 years later it is available well beyond the borders of MA, and even in Canada. "We're looking to open another retail store in Worcester and then more stores in other New England cities," says Fullerton. Founder and director, Patrick Barter, says "it’s the people." Massachusetts restaurants got the green light to reopen with outdoor table service this week. Listen Live: Classic and Contemporary Celtic, Listen Live: Cape, Coast and Islands NPR Station, 'We Have To Come To Common Ground,' Says Worcester Youth Poet Laureate As Mass. Hepburn loves the roasting process, and experimenting with blends of beans that complement each other’s flavors. With rich history, vibrant culture and natural beauty throughout its diverse landscape, New England has inspiration at every turn. During this step, a given coffee can achieve its highest expression or end up tasting thin or bitter or burnt. If you’re a java hound, you know that there’s nothing quite like going straight to the source for a fine cup of joe. In the end, he or she can tell the many subtle differences between almost right, and absolutely right. Favorite coffee of the moment: Coffees from Ethiopia and Guatemala, which are very different from one another. "It’s not Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, but still appeals to a wide range of tastes. "We feel a deep connection to the historic ‘penny university’ tradition of the first coffeehouses. Blends can offer more than what you can get from a single-origin coffee." Surpasses 10,000 COVID Deaths, On 'All This And More,' Thao Nguyen Tackles Post-Apocalyptic Omens, Adrianne Lenker On Carving Out Space To Recover. New England Coffee’s roasters have developed and refined their roasting process to guarantee we always serve premium coffee with distinct smoothness and characteristic taste. With a second cafe in downtown Providence (conveniently also serving whiskey and other spirits), New Harvest is spicing up the Rhode Island caffeine scene. Favorite coffee of the moment: From La Florida in Peru, it’s a coffee with chocolate-y notes roasted medium to dark, but not too dark. Twenty seven coffee roasting companies from all over the United States have been named winners of 2020 Good Food Awards. Dark roast pulls much of the natural oils out of these darkest colored beans for a full-bodied coffee that has low acidity and a dominating bittersweet flavor. What makes them unique? Where to find them: Stop by the café in Medford Square, buy online, or at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville. What makes them unique? Most of the coffee we drink is made with beans that were roasted a long time ago, then vacuum sealed. Favorite coffee of the moment: A Burundi coffee coming out this week, and some well-balanced Colombian coffees on the horizon. Talk about small batch, the roasting at Breaking New all happens in-store on one machine. The way he roasts is distinctive and his coffee choices unique to his competition. New England Coffee’s roasters have developed and refined their roasting process to guarantee we always serve premium coffee with distinct smoothness and characteristic taste. Owner and Roaster, Tim Van Sipe, is focused on freshness! Below are some that were scheduled to participate at this year's postponed WGBH Craft and Cider Beer Festival, that are pouring again and implementing new guidelines to keep everyone safe. They can roast up to 1 ton of coffee per day, in small batches, and they roast a variety of different types of coffees within that. What’s Next? Number 6 you say! You can also buy online. There’s also potential for new milling and drying processes at the origin, which Fazenda looks to support and have greater involvement with. With a second cafe in downtown Providence (conveniently also serving whiskey and other spirits), New Harvest is spicing up the Rhode Island caffeine scene. New Harvest Roasters, based out of the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI is another New England coffee roaster with a social mission: educate the industry about sustainable coffee. Broadsheet is the first to roast coffee in Cambridge, and a welcoming spot to sip a delicious cup of coffee. Phillip Schein, CEO/Owner, says "We’re trying to do the right thing all the way through." While it’s true that coffee beans are grown in subtropical regions (that’s definitely not New England), in order for the beans to become what we know and love in our morning cup, they have to be roasted. #6 Dawn Roasters Coffee Co. ", Roastery: 165 Quarry Hill Road in Lee // Cafes: 346 Congress St., and 303 Newbury St., Boston, Support GBH. It’s easy to think of coffee as coming from the far corners of the earth. Any longer than that and the coffee … MacDougall said. Roastery & Café: 100 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Produced in Boston, shared with the world. What makes them unique? We feel driven as coffee roasters to bring together the third wave passion for the bean with the third space passion for community.". What makes them unique? Summer has unofficially arrived, and I think we could all use a good cocktail. With a factory 30 minutes from downtown Boston, the George Howell roasterie in Acton, Mass., is right in the action. As far I’m concerned there are no rules.". Founded by a protégé of the original George of George Howell, Mocha Joe’s is now another superb small roaster and distributor of New England. Stop in at one of their two Connecticut locations for the thickest, creamiest affogato served in a petite glass cup. "We just want to make really nice coffee that a lot of people can enjoy." The red, white, and blue Fuel bags that catch your eye at Market Basket will soon be filled at their very own roastery in Worcester’s Mercantile Center. With one subterranean cafe on Main St in Brattleboro, Joe’s is a Southern Vermont staple for the boho and blue collar alike. © 2020   •   Privacy Policy   •   Security   •   Sitemap. Home coffee roasting is a terrific way to ensure fresh beans for your daily cup of joe—and if there’s one thing coffee lovers agree on, it’s that fresher means better. Shortly thereafter she joined the team at America’s Test Kitchen, first as a Photo Team Test Cook and then an Associate Editor for the Book Team. Where to find them: Fazenda has a large retail network and is served at many New England coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants. Favorite coffee of the moment: An Ethiopian natural process coffee. They do offer a cold brew-specific bean from Guatemala. Very nice, well-rounded coffee.". Stream GBH's Award-Winning Content For Parents And Children. The Best Coffee Roasters, Right Here In Massachusetts. You can also buy online. Favorite coffee of the moment: Hepburn really likes the blends because "they’re very intentional. When roasted to this degree the full flavor present in the beans emerges. She spent countless hours helping her grandmother in the restaurant, and annoying all of the cooks. In summer, you will catch customers showing off their iced drinks all over Instagram. Their single origin speciality coffee is perfectly roasted for everyday use. Dawn Roasters Coffee Co. is an English company. Now, the easiest way to try a lot of new coffees is to go to a lot of different, high-quality coffee shops. "What we can promise you, is a vibrantly flavored, flawlessly frothed, top-notch cup of liquid happiness. Muddy Water can roast 20 pounds at a time, and typically offers between 6 and 8 different varieties at a time, based on the growing seasons of the beans. With Mocha Joe’s we’ve come full circle in our journey through coffee roasters in New England. Buy online. Roastery & Café: 30 Riverside Ave., Medford,, What makes them unique? Rock City Coffee Roasters in Rockland, Maine, have won many awards for their roasting, but what customers will tell you is that they’re real winners for their sense of community. Look for single-origin Terroir® Coffee a prime example of what they do best. What makes them unique? New Harvest Roasters, based out of the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI is another New England coffee roaster with a social mission: educate the industry about sustainable coffee. When not in the kitchen, she can be found running with November Project, hiking, dancing and, of course, eating to fuel all of that activity. Where to find them: George Howell Coffee has a large retail network, as well as its own roastery and cafes. They also have an integrated coffee roasting and retail facility with 40 seats and a lot of outdoor space, plus a very progressive food program with a focus on international offerings all made on site. Roastery: 312 School St., Acton // Cafes: 311 Walnut St., Newtonville, The Godfrey Hotel, 505 Washington St., Boston, The Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover St., Boston, Their large-scale roast-to-order model. Did you know that Massachusetts has a well-established and growing community of coffee roasters? Make memories that last a lifetime. There you have it: That concludes our top coffee roasters in New England to visit today for a tasty jolt. Known for its focus on terroir (the taste of place), George Howell Coffee was founded in 2004 by its eponymous, long-time coffee pioneer. Ethiopia is arguably the birth place of coffee and home to the greatest diversity.