In the early 1900s, Bannerman's supply of military goods was staggering. In 1967, the family sold Bannerman Castle to New York State, which took possession after all of the old military merchandise was removed and the relics given to the Smithsonian. Water and drinks are also sold on the boat and at the Visitor’s Center. "My brother and I used to get the catalog in New Mexico where we lived in the 1930s, and buy kepis (hats) issued in the Civil War for seventy five cents! Fishkill, New York. And all of it was elaborately decorated, from biblical quotations cast into all fireplace mantles, to a shield between the towers with a coat of arms, and a wreath of thistle leaves and flowers. She says, "In the end, it all comes down to money, and if they don't hurry up, it'll all fall down. I began to look for a safer way to learn more about this abandoned castle. The Trust is dedicated to preserving Bannerman Castle as an educational, cultural, historical, and recreational facility that promotes heritage tourism in the Hudson Valley. While this experience is family-friendly and recommended for children ages 11 and up, there were no children on our tour. Bannerman's is a landmark I first noticed on a train trip from Albany to NYC almost 20 years ago. B&B: 845-242-3260 Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our specials and upcoming events. Under his guidance, Bannerman's became the world's largest buyer of surplus military equipment. The State’s dairy princesses promote the dairy industry throughout the year at schools, supermarkets and fairs. Also scattered about were invaluable relics such as the chain placed across the river at West Point during the Revolution (though some question its authenticity), a table owned by General Washington, and arctic equipment Admiral Perry used on his trip to the North Pole. Landmark & … Follow road till you get too Newburgh waterfront. Blue Point Restaurant Dock, Newburgh Waterfront, (Newburgh, NY). And it's infested with snakes and deer ticks. However, there are plenty of family-friendly events hosted on Bannerman Island throughout the season including Broadway and Theatre shows, movie nights, musical performances and more. ", Jane Bannerman is one of only a handful of people to know Bannerman Island's glorious past first-hand. Whenever I ride Amtrak, I always try to sit on the Hudson River side of the train so I … That evening, I called a friend who is an amateur local historian. To Purchase Tour Tickets and General Tour Questions call: (845) 203-1316, ONLY for membership questions and/or getting involved in Bannerman Events call: (845) 831-1001, Mailing Address: From Beacon: Saturdays at 11 AM and 12:30 PM, Sundays at 12:30 PM will be allowed per concert. Bannerman Island was primarily a warehouse storing mostly weapons and explosives.