Registered Office: 13 Old Burlington Street, London W1S 3AJ, Sitemap  /  Privacy Policy  /  Website by Weblinks Creative Solutions. / Binding, Industry 4.0 / Global Big 4 professional services firm, 23rd Annual Croquetball / Penfield Children's Center, China Threat cover / Sunday Times Magazine, Data Worries / Foresight of Future Mobility, Patrick Bateman 2.0 / Gentleman's Journal, Brave New World / Aldous Huxley / The Folio Society, How Do We Want to Live? In order to respond to your enquiry, we will process the personal data you have supplied in accordance with our privacy policy. Silver Lining is a major art installation situated in the St James’s locale, it inspire passers-by to look for the Silver lining in life as they navigate this new era.

Company number: 10141459. His clean and rational work is accompanied by attention to aesthetics and colour combinations, following his belief that a high standard of visual attractiveness draws in the viewer and motivates their understanding of data. Registered office: 12 Helmet Row, London EC1V 3QJ. Over the summer, we’ve been communicating with several artists regarding representation and are proud to announce that we are now the artist representatives for Manuel Bortoletti, Laurie Greasley, Bartosz Kosowski and Dmitry Ligay. The Showcase is where we present some of the most exciting new talent we’ve discovered, and let their work speak for itself.

These astonishing mirrors, remind the public of the climate emergency in which they are by placing the viewers in the mirror planet, making them face their individual responsibility. Doug John Miller was commissioned by Laurence King to create the artwork for ‘The World of Sherlock Holmes’, a complex and storied jigsaw puzzle which captures the world of the famous detective.

Our artist Tiffany Bouelle created a series of artworks for the new trendy Hôtel Rochechouart, a fully revamped Art Deco historical building in the heart of the 9th arrondissement in Paris. With a selection of 7 of our most talented women artists, we wanted to contribute to MIA Collection’s mission to increase the visibility of female artists everywhere.

William Scott is an artist for whom the particular carries a special significance. Company number: 10141459. Tiny Forests are densely packed native forests that fit into the size of a tennis court.

MTArt artists Andrea Tyrimos and Tiffany Bouelle on the cover of Madame Figaro. You can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time by clicking the link in any emails. The appreciation she has for her country and its culture run deep within her veins. Our artists, Claire Luxton, Ben Cullen Williams and Lauren Baker will be part of this festival. BloodBros illustrated the book throughout, making what can often be a bland topic, fun and engaging with his fun and entertaining characters. All content on this website is protected by international copyright laws: images are copyright © the named artists, logos are copyright © the respective companies, other content is copyright © 2001- Folio; no content may be reproduced without prior written consent from the copyright holder. Inside Out Festival is the latest initiative from Westminster City Council to attract visitors back to the West End to enjoy London’s Cultural and hospitality safely. Thuy Tran Fine Art specialises in contemporary paintings and sculptures, with a special emphasis on renowned Asian artists, specifically Vietnamese artists. LONDON, September 2020 – Sofitel, the ambassador of modern French style, is to share ‘Joie de Vivre’ (The Joy of Life) from 28 September – 19 October 2020 through Silver Lining. Teaming up with The Crown Estate, MTArt Agency has incorporated exciting artworks in streets and shops that have struggled since the COVID-19 outbreak.

13 Old Burlington Street   London W1S 3AJ Thuy has drawn on her cultural background to help emerging artists from Vietnam break through the cultural boundaries and into the European market. BloodBros was commissioned by Harvard Business Review Press to create the artwork for ‘What Is Strategy’.

Manuel Bortoletti is an award-winning infographic designer, seamlessly blending technical information, data visualisation and illustration. Artists management based in London, New York and Los Angeles. We are very pleased to announce that Peter Horvath and his work are a prime feature of Gestalten’s ‘The Age of Collage Vol. 020 7437 6010 On 8th October, experts in public art MTArt Agency will be installing the work of MTArt artist, Lauren Baker in the grounds of the Rosewood London Hotel. This means they bring all the benefits of a forest – climate cooling, lower flood risks, biodiversity, improved air quality and physical and mental wellbeing – right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces.