Everyone wants a say in how that money is spent but, interestingly, when the public considered the matter, it wanted to retain the country's nuclear defences. As ever, that would be a matter for the Secretary of State, but I will certainly draw my right hon. Following the Westminster Hall debate on 16th March 2015, Katy Clark MP wrote to Anna Soubry MP, Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, to seek the MoD's response to the EfVA's suggestion of a one-off ex-gratia payment to the affected veterans corresponding to £1000 for each unpensioned year of service. 2 Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 1 About This Guide 1.1 The information in this Guide is for members of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 (AFPS 75). AFPG readily accepted research assistance using BAFF overseas contacts. Friend asks for would have an immense impact on public expenditure, and that is the why successive Governments did not revisit the decision; it was not from a lack of recognition of those who serve in Her Majesty's armed forces, or elsewhere in public services. The debate, which will take place on Monday 16th March 2015 in Westminster Hall, will focus on veterans who left the armed forces prior to the introduction of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme in 1975. He says that it is somewhat unfair and a little unjust. The Report of Sir James Grigg's Advisory Committee on Recruiting (Command 545 / "Cmnd 545") was published in October 1958. In the early 1970s, the Ministry of Defence introduced an armed forces pension scheme following the introduction of the military salary in 1970, which replaced the system of basic pay and allowances. The records from pre 1975 are extremely limited as this is the days of National Insurance Cards! Issues such as pension troughs, widows' and widowers' pensions for life, widows' post-retirement entitlement, and widows' third-rate and half-rate pensions are not unique to the armed forces, as there is a read-across to other public sector schemes. (Citation: HC Deb, 31 January 2007, c334), (Citation: HC Deb, 31 January 2007, c337), (Citation: HC Deb, 31 January 2007, c338), 6:42 pm, If it really had been accepted it would have needed legislation, as well as financial provision. Making it easy to keep an eye on the UK’s parliaments. —[Mr. Michael Foster.]. Before you allow your name to be used as a party to legal proceedings, you should be clear about any possible liabilities for yourself. The morale of our forces would be boosted tremendously by the knowledge that we were prepared to look favourably on their forebears' claims. They acted in the better interests of working people, in the way they thought that they could afford to at the time. Most are members of AFPS ’05 or the AFPS 2015. Still on the march towards sensible representative arrangements for UK armed forces personnel. It means acknowledging that these veterans do have a grievance and it means that they will no longer, as they see it themselves, be forgotten heroes. Command Papers "Cmnd 945 Service Pay and Pensions" (Feb 1960) and "Cmnd 675 Armed Forces Pensions" (Feb 1959) were not pension warrants, and simply reported the outcomes of pay and pensions reviews. The issue has been legally tested, and a claim for pre-1975 pension entitlement for the armed forces failed in the High Court in 2003, in the House of Lords in 2004, and in the European Court of Human Rights in 2006. Previous answers to my parliamentary questions have shown that we keep detailed records about those who served and their length of service, although pay records are destroyed after seven years so it would be difficult to ascertain some of the facts, but we should try to address the issue.