Why Industrial Cleaning is a Top Franchising Choice

Many people would love to own their own business but hesitate due to the upfront costs and risk. Franchising or partnership agreements are a great way to start and build a successful business while receiving support from a wider organisation. This support can come in the form of initial equipment, training, and administration services.

The other major concern prospective business owners have is about which industry to enter. You need a business that is viable in the market you’ll be operating in and well suited to your skill set.

Introducing Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a service that will always be sought after regardless of the state of the economy or market. It’s easy to learn how to use the equipment and you will only need a little bit of training before you’re capable of providing the service.

Joining an industrial cleaning franchise makes things even easier. You get to invest in a proven business model that gives you security and support. The experts you partner with have seen or made all the mistakes in the past. Their franchise will be designed as a functional operating system that helps you to avoid these errors.


  • Proven business model
  • Lower cost of supplies, tools and machinery due to the buying power of a business network
  • Existing brand that customers already recognise
  • Training, mentoring and support services
  • Professional marketing services
  • Well established pricing model
  • Other administrative support, including bookkeeping and accounting

There are also disadvantages, of course. Many franchises have restrictions about how the business can operate, preventing you from adding additional services, changing the pricing model or expanding beyond an allocated territory. You compromise a little on your independence and control of the business in favour of the security and support that comes with a franchise.

How important these factors are will depend on your personality, what your business goals are, how much you’re willing to gamble and how much work you are willing to put in. Franchising is a popular option because that support goes a very long way in a volatile market.

Choosing the Right Franchise

Entering a franchise partnership is like a marriage; you need to pick the right partner. There are hundreds of different cleaning franchises in Australia. The cleaning industry has little regulation so it’s important to critically consider the credibility and operating practices of a franchiser.

Do your research and ask a lot of questions. High quality and credible franchises should be happy to answer any questions and thoroughly explain how their partnership works, even giving you testimonials or contact details of other franchisees.

Ask them hard-hitting questions about their turnover rate, average income and whether any franchisees have failed or decided to leave. Go with your gut and walk away if you feel like they’re hiding something or seem dishonest.

Choosing a Unique and Interesting Franchise

If you’re interested in joining a network of industrial cleaners with a unique difference, consider the mobile industrial cleaning and oil collection business by Hahn Group. Hahn Group is an award-winning environmental company that recycles waste oil and produces biofuel. Based in Queensland, they have more than 15 years of experience formulating innovative ways of sustainably reusing oil.

Through a partnership with Saver6, they have managed to create a country-wide network of industrial cleaning and oil collection services. Saver6 is a business support platform that provides a range of services including targeted marketing, website development, social media, training and accounting. For more information about our unique industrial cleaning and oil collection franchise, get in touch with our team.

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