Popular Reseller Businesses in Australia – Shade Sheds

The best reseller businesses in Australia offer top quality products, have a great reputation, and have an excellent network of support. Transportable Shade Sheds is a prime example of a successful reseller business model.

This company manufactures and sells transportable shade sheds for a range of uses, from storage and sun protection at home to commercial storage of dangerous goods. These sheds are made using innovative design methods that offer superb quality and strength while maintaining an affordable price.

Behind the Innovative Design

Transportable Shade Sheds was founded by Allan Lear, who designed Australia’s first and only transportable shade shed in 2000. He achieved this design by coming up with two innovative methods of allowing sheds to be transportable whilst remaining strong enough to endure cyclones.

The first was the box steel bend, a method of bending galvanised and non-galvanised box steel without distorting it. The second was a swaged box steel, a process that increases the strength of construction by overlapping steel box tubes, eliminating the need for welding. Allan successfully secured patents for these innovative designs, cementing his company as the original and only genuine provider of secure and quality transportable shade sheds.

Other products on the market have unsuccessfully tried to copy these bends in order to produce what appears to be similar quality sheds. However, the use of angle cuts and welds means there is the potential for rust forming on the joints, resulting in a weakened construction. Competitors simply don’t have the technology or know-how to form a seamless and high strength bend.

From Humble Beginnings to Multiple Award Winners

Beginning as a small business on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Transportable Shade Sheds has grown to become a popular and reputable business throughout the country as a result of a partnership with Saver6. This partnership allowed them to establish a country-wide network that provides these unique products, supported by the provision of tools, training, mentoring, marketing and bookkeeping.

This modern and innovative business model provides all the advantages of a franchise without the fees or risk of exploitation, as well as a thorough and responsive support network. Transportable Shade Sheds is an outstanding example of how valuable the model can be, having won a number of prestigious awards including:

  • Commonwealth Bank Award 2003 for most innovative new product released at Australia’s Largest Agricultural Field
  • Winner Medium Manufacturer Award Sunshine Coast 2005
  • Emerging Exporter Award Sunshine Coast 2005
  • Winners of the AusIndustry Manufacturing/Inventors Award 2002
  • Best in Steel award at the Queensland Country Life Agriculture Show
  • Awarded for Commercial Adaptability at the Queensland Country Life Agriculture Show
  • 2003 Sun Coast Region Export Awards Runner up for emerging exporter
  • Highly Commended Award at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Transportable Shade Shed network, get in touch with the Saver6 team. You can sell and install transportable shade sheds in your local area with full support of our network, including a custom built trailer and your own free 6m by 6m shade shed.

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