What to Look for When Buying a Reseller Business

The reseller business model provides a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities with a limitless scope. This is ideal for the modern business environment.

The new, globalised marketplace is swallowing up jobs in every industry from technology to manufacturing, due to overseas economies with cheaper labour, raw products and production costs. However, products are still being bought and sold around the world at an incredibly high rate.

This means that while business opportunities in the production process are depleting in Australia, there is no better time to profit from acting as an intermediary service. The simple process of buying low then selling high means reseller businesses are low risk, flexible, profitable, easy to run and accessible to all. Here a few things you should think about when buying a reseller business.

An Ideal Industry

Buy a reseller business that operates in an industry that is doing well. You might also have to have a specific skill set and some knowledge of the industry and the products to be sure you can run a profitable operation.

Ideally, you should sell products that you feel passionate about and believe in. Reseller businesses are more popular than ever, so it’s helpful to try and operate in a market that isn’t over saturated and too competitive. There are plenty of great ideas out there including reselling antiques, spare computer parts, raw materials and trade services such as reselling shade sheds.

A Viable Customer Base

Once you know what kind of reseller business you want, you should consider the environment of the marketplace. Who are your customers? Where are they? Will you need to ship goods to them? How will you promote your services to them? While reseller businesses have low operating costs, marketing is one absolutely unavoidable area where you will feel the sting to your finances.

Minimal Competition

A highly competitive market is highly damaging to reseller businesses since there are limited ways to differentiate your services. If you are using direct suppliers, they can be hesitant to allow too many resellers to trade in one place to avoid a damaging price war. Think realistically and make thorough estimations about your ability to remain profitable in a competitive area.

Saver6 can help provide a reseller business that is viable and suits your skill set and interests. We have more than 25 years of experience providing business models and supporting small businesses.

We’ll support you with any equipment, supplies, training, accounting and marketing services you need. That leaves you free to focus on the everyday running of the business. If you’re interested in buying and running a reseller business the easy way, get in touch with our team.

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