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CALL NOW 1300 918 771 is a global network that has the international buying power to source and select smart products and services worldwide. Its aim is to keep up with the changing face of business, allow any person the choice of solid business models and eliminate roadblocks for any potential business owner. is based on twenty-five years of business experience and its smart business practice means increasing growth and profit margins for all participants.

Business is no longer difficult thanks to the revolutionary support system that facilitates training for anyone wanting to be their own boss in a face-to-face learning environment and matching real product choices with skill sets. The ongoing, supportive business model works with each business owner so that the focus is on supporting the business owner's success through sales training that increases through direct target marketing, mentoring, motivation and goals.

Imagine a business where seeking out your customers is greatly assisted by others that work on your behalf behind the scenes. Some businesses have the opportunity to request simple Saver6 bookkeeping services, which allows them to concentrate on staying connected with customers and get on with the job of selling or installing smart products as well as offering additional services to clients.

Essentially, the global online platform improves the effectiveness of doing business locally. has many competitive business advantages that enable its customers to stay ahead of the game through innovative and collaborative future focused systems.

Saver6 has partnered with well-known business brands that carry multi-award winning innovations, such as Transportable Shade Sheds. These products are a household name and have a customer record of zero returns based on their quality.

Unlike franchising models, Saver6 is facilitating business collaboration that is built on products and training combined with healthy partnerships and the freedom to grow. Saver6 is focused on combining strengths for financial rewards for each and every partner.